Metal gate

Low noise, smooth operation and long service life



Metal gate in Bangladesh.

1. The metal fence door belongs to the automatic swing door, electromagnetic lock control device, with the characteristics of fast walking and slow stopping.

2. The door body adopts outdoor environmental protection anti-rust powder, anti-corrosion, anti-collision, high-end appearance

3. The motor transmission ratio is finely graded, low energy consumption, superior performance, standby power is less than 6W, and maximum working power is 45W.

4. The access control system module is designed with good stability and strong functions, and supports a variety of options to open the door: password, IC card, remote control, etc., high-end door opening and energy saving.

5. Stable performance, low noise, long service life, ultra-quiet, low noise during work

Metal gate in Bangladesh.
Metal gate in Bangladesh.
Metal gate in Bangladesh.
Metal gate in Bangladesh.


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