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Dahua Overview

Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of smart IoT solutions and services. Dahua Technology is a technology-driven company that offers security systems and services for cities, corporate management and consumers.

The company’s total operating revenue was RMB 26.466 trillion (USD4.06 billion) in 2020. Dahua Technology employs more than 18,000 people, with a total operating revenue of RMB 26.466 billion (USD4.06 billion) in 2020.

Dahua Technology is a global company with a strong marketing and service network. It has more than 200 Chinese provincial offices, as well as 58 overseas subsidiary and representative offices that cover the Asia Pacific, North America and Europe. This allows customers to receive fast and quality services. Dahua Technology’s products, solutions and services have been deployed in 180 countries and regions. This includes key vertical industries like

Smart city, traffic, retail and banking & finance. Energy. Dahua products and solutions have been used in many major projects, including the China International Import Expo (G20 Hangzhou Summit), BRICS Xiamen Summit; Vatican City Project; Toyota Argentina Plant, Sao Paulo International Airport, and many more.

Dahua Technology, a national high-tech company, was able to become a publicly traded company on Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE 002236). In May 2008 Dahua Technology, with its national postdoctoral worksstations is recognized as a national-certified enterprise technology center and national innovator pilot enterprise. There are 4 National Torch Program Projects, 5 National High-Tech Industrialization Projects, and 3 National Projects about core electronic devices, high-end general-purpose chip technology, and fundamental software. Over 3,700 patents have been filed by the company, including more than 250 international patents. According to Omdia, a third-party market research firm (previously known as IHS), Dahua Technology is the 2nd largest supplier worldwide of video surveillance equipment. It has also been ranked 2nd on a&s Security 50 for three consecutive years.

Dahua Technology is committed to “Enabling safer societies and smarter living”. Dahua Technology will keep its core value of customer-centeredness in mind. This allows it to offer the best quality and service to customers and to make unremitting effort to create a safe, intelligent and convenient society.

Dahua IP Camera
Dahua IP Camera

Dahua IP Camera

Dahua Technology, an innovator leader, is committed to providing cutting-edge technologies, products and services such as multi-sensor panoramic cameras and ePoE for 800m Power and data transmission over Ethernet cable. Smart Codec can improve encoding efficiency while saving bandwidth.

There are multiple product options to meet different needs. Professionals who are looking for the best innovations and highest quality products will be interested in Ultra Series. The Eco-Savvy Series caters to professionals who are looking for cost-performance balance, while the Lite Series is designed for customers who value quality but have a limited budget.

Many vertical industries and applications use network cameras. Face recognition cameras are used for entry and exit, smart retail, public areas, as well as other situations to increase efficiency. To save money on cabling, ePoE has a longer reach and is often used in stadiums, parking lots, and other areas.

Dahua ePoE technology allows long distance transmissions of power, video and audio over 800m at 10Mbps or 300m at 100Mbps via Cat5 cable or coaxial cable. This is possible through advanced 2D-PAM3 coding moderation. Dahua ePoE technology is a new method to transmit long distance data between network switches and IP cameras. It allows for more flexible surveillance systems designs, increases reliability, and reduces wiring and construction costs.

Dahua ePoE technology can be used for both IP systems as well as low-cost upgrades of analog-to-IP.

Dahua IP Camera Supplier in Bangladesh
Dahua IP Camera Supplier in Bangladesh

Dahua ePoE via Network Cable

Surveillance systems that monitor large spaces like warehouses, parks and gardens have camera locations that are scattered and far away from the control center, at distances often greater than 100 meters. To extend the transmission range, repeater devices are an option. This can increase equipment and installation costs, as a junction box and power supply are needed to install the repeater. This makes it more difficult to maintain the system and increases the chance of product failure.

Dahua ePoE IP offers a simple, yet effective solution. Dahua ePoE allows transmission of power, video, audio and control signals over 800m using traditional Cat5 Ethernet cables. This reduces the complexity of network construction by requiring only one cable to connect the front-end and back-end devices. This results in greater reliability, lower maintenance and installation costs.

Dahua ePoE in place of coaxial cable

Reusing coaxial cables can be a cost-saving measure during the migration from analog surveillance systems to network-based systems. Reusing existing cables must address three issues. The IP video signal and RJ45 connection need to be converted to work with coaxial cable. The system must also support the entire length of coaxial cables and power must be transmitted via coaxial cable. All of these issues are addressed by the Dahua ePoE IP System. It makes it possible to reuse coaxial cables within an IP-based video system. The Power over Coaxial Extender LR1002 connects with the Ethernet port for IP cameras, network switches or coaxial cable at the other end. Dahua ePoE allows transmission over RG59 coaxial cable up to 1,000m at 10Mbit/s and provides PoE power to the IP cameras. It is a plug-and-play solution that reduces the cost of migrating from analog to IP.

Dahua offers a complete solution to ePoE IP system including NVRs and IP cameras.

These features are part of the system:

  • Extended PoE transmission 800m @ 10Mbps and 13W or 300m at 100Mbps & 255.W
  • Automatic setup, plug and play
  • Perfect for analog to IP migration: IP audio, control and power (4 in1) via coax cable using LR1002 ePoE-to-BNC adaptor

Dahua IP Camera Supplier in Bangladesh

Dahua is one of the biggest name in the security cameras industry, and offers a variety of models, features, and prices. Dahua IP cameras offer excellent video quality, features, and prices, and are a reliable choice for surveillance installations. Dahua cameras are used in many different applications, including home security, pet surveillance, public surveillance, industrial surveillance, and much more. Dahua provides a range of IP cameras, surveillance camera IP Cameras, DVRs, and PTZ cameras; Dahua IP Cameras: Dahua Omni P2 PTZ IP Camera System, Dahua Omni P2 HS PTZ IP Camera System, Dahua Omni PTZ IP Camera System, Dahua PTZ IP Camera System.

TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA is the cheapest price IP Camera Supplier in Bangladesh.

The TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA has been one of Bangladesh’s leading suppliers for IP cameras and accessories for more than 12 years and established its business presence in Dhaka in the year 2009. The Dahua company has built a group of well-trained professionals: frontline engineers, service engineers, and quality assurance engineers that ensure a qualitative product.

IP camera

IP cameras are used to monitor the security of a building remotely. They provide a way to check about intruders, but also for checking the general health of a building, such as a temperature in an office building.

Cameras are often used to spy on the wearers, but if you’re looking to have a peep into your neighbors, you won’t find anything better than a network camera. IP cameras are the ultimate security tool, and they can provide live streaming video footage of places and people that a traditional camera cannot.

Dahua IP camera

IP cameras are a popular choice for many security or surveillance systems. They can provide a reliable and remote way to monitor your home or business, but there are still some things you should know. Dahua IP cameras are one of the best options available today because of their reliability and supported features.

Dahua network cameras are used for many different purposes. They can be used in home security, business security, traffic surveillance, outdoor surveillance, etc. Dahua IP camera network system is the most powerful network security system with the highest video quality and high performance for all applications, including real-time video monitoring, recording, playback, alarm notification, etc.

Dahua DVR

The Dahua DVR is a single or dual HD camera video recorder that is used to record high-definition video and audio. The Dahua DVR records video in real-time by using an HD-SDHC memory card. It captures video and audio in 1080p/24fps and 720p/30fps. The dahua dvr records high definition video in .mp4, .wmv, and .mov formats. The dahua DVR can also be used as a xvr which allows the recording of IP cameras. It has a built-in web server and records the video in real-time. It has a built-in web server and records the video in real-time.

Dahua NVR

The Dahua Network Video Recorder (NVR) is a fully autonomous video management system that offers professional-level control of motion detection, recording, storage, and playback of analog and digital video sources. NVR is designed for all types of surveillance video surveillance applications and environments.

Dahua IP Camera Price in Bangladesh

SLProduct DescriptionModelLatest Price
12MP IR Dome Network Camera, IR-30MIPC-HDW1230T1P3,500.00
22MP IR Bullet Network Camera, IR-30MIPC-HFW1230S1P3,500.00
32MP IR Dome Network Camera with Audio & SD Card Slot, IR-30MIPC-HDW2230TP-AS3,800.00
42MP IR Bullet Network Camera with SD Card Slot IR-30MIPC-HFW2231SP-S3,800.00
54MP IR Dome Network Camera with Audio & SD Card Slot, IR-30MIPC-HDW2431TP-AS4,500.00
64MP IR Bullet Network Camera with SD Card Slot IR-30MIPC-HFW2431SP-SCall for Price
72MP IR Dome Network Camera, IR-30MIPC-HDBW1230EPCall for Price
82MP IR Dome Network Camera, IR-30MIPC-HDW1230SPCall for Price
92MP IR Bullet Network Camera, IR-30MIPC-HFW1230SPCall for Price
102MP IR Bullet Network Camera, IR-80MIPC-HFW12B0MP-I2Call for Price
112MP Full Color IR Bullet Network Camera _ FC 20MIPC-HFW2230MP-AS-LEDCall for Price
123MP IR Dome Network Camera, IR-30MIPC-HDBW1320RP-ASCall for Price
133MP IR Bullet Network Camera, IR-50MIPC-HFW1320MP-AS-I1Call for Price
148MP IR Dome Network Camera, IR-30MIPC-HDBW4831EP-ASCall for Price
158MP IR Bullet Network Camera, IR-40MIPC-HFW4831EP-SECall for Price
162MP 25x Starlight IR PTZ Network Camera, IR-100MSD49225XA-HNRCall for Price
174MP 30x IR PTZ Network Camera, IR-100MSD6C430U-HNICall for Price
185MP Panaromic Network Fisheye CameraIPC-EB5541P-ASCall for Price
19PTZ ControllerNKB-1000Call for Price

Dahua IP Camera Dealer in Bangladesh

TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA is the Authorized Dealer of DAHUA in Bangladesh. When it comes to Dahua, the first thing you would think of would be a security camera. Dahua is a very popular brand in Bangladesh and Dahua network cameras are widely used in the country. Dahua network cameras are also bought by the government and police departments. But Dahua is more than a CCTV manufacturer. Dahua is a brand name trusted by millions of people. Dahua has become a trusted brand in Bangladesh.

Dahua is one of the largest manufacturers of IP Cameras

At the beginning of 2017, Dahua launched its new generation of optical dome IP cameras – Dahua iWang (iW-D10) and Dahua iChameleon (iC-D21), featuring enhanced video quality, intelligent motion detection, and multi-functional switching capabilities. The cameras are equipped with powerful ARM processors to speed up their response time.

Dahua provides an extensive range of products, designed for a wide range of customers, including residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Dahua products are used for security surveillance, access control, video surveillance and video monitoring, traffic control, retail security, industrial automation and outdoor surveillance.

IP cameras are becoming more and more popular

IP cameras are becoming more and more popular, and the demand for them is steadily rising. IP cameras are an excellent addition to a business, and they help keep the business connected and protected at all times.

Dahua is a well-known brand with an extensive range of products, be it IP cameras, HDD, PCI, cameras or other surveillance equipment. They are also a well-known brand in the surveillance industry. As the demand for IP cameras grows, Dahua is spending more and more time researching and developing new devices and products. In 2013, Dahua launched a series of IP cameras that were made for the retail market.

You can use it to secure your home when you are away

IP cameras, or Internet Protocol cameras, are popular among consumers for their cost-effectiveness and ease of use. They are another great option for securing your home when you are away. They can be used to monitor your home from remote locations and even to allow a neighbor or relative access into your home when you are away.

The Dahua IP Camera is a high-performance, cost-effective IP Camera that can be easily installed in any place in your home or business. It offers a wide range of features and functionality which makes it suitable for a variety of applications, including: business surveillance, home security, baby monitor, surveillance, pet monitor, etc.

IP cameras are a great way to communicate with your family while you are out traveling

Dahua IP cameras are a great way to communicate with your family while you are out traveling. I recommend you to have a look at our blog. In our blog, we will recommend you to choose the best IP cameras for outdoor, it is the most dependable IP camera in the market.

One’s Says I am a father of three, and one of the main reasons for my interest in IP cameras is to protect my family while I am gone. The Dahua IP cameras allow me to communicate with my family members, give them video feeds of all the activities going on at the house, and help them feel more secure, even in a situation where I am not there physically.


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TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA is the cheapest price IP Camera Supplier in Bangladesh.

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TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA is the high-end IP Camera Supplier in Bangladesh.

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TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA is the high-quality IP Camera

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ESTALLBD.COM is the IP Camera Online Store.


Dahua today announced the Dahua IP Camera, a new generation 4K single-channel security IP camera with a new and powerful Dahua Gravity Sensor (DGS) technology. The new Dahua IP Camera can capture images with high dynamic range (HDR) from any direction of view, or 360 degrees IP camera, and it can easily be integrated into the Dahua Cloud System, without cost and without waiting.

IP cameras are in almost every home today, but they can also be used for security in multiple ways. You may have noticed that many IP cameras are security cameras, and many others are not. In this post, we explored the many uses for Dahua IP cameras, their capabilities, and how you can get them installed in your home or office.