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Estallbd.com is pleased to have you. Estallbd is here to provide security for you in every sphere of your life: your home, your workplace, your families, your industry, schools, religious institutions, market places, and even your leisure place. This will make it easier to feel secure and increase productivity.

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CCTV Camera, IP Camera, Access Control, Time Attendance System, IP Phone, PABX & Intercom System, PA System, Conference System, Baggage Scanner, Archway Gate, Metal Detector, Flap Barrier Gate, Tripod Turnstile Gate, Parking Barrier, Fire Safety & Fighting Equipment, Fire Alarms & Detection System, Convex Mirror, Office & Factory Networking, Online UPS, Burglar Alarms System & Solar.

A convex mirror is a flat mirror that has a concave spherical surface in the middle. It is used in many places in our daily life. In our country there are many types of convex mirrors. The convex mirror is one of the most important optical instruments in the optical device. The convex mirror is a new type of mirror that is being used in the automobile industry. Convex mirrors are being used in cars to improve the visibility for the driver. Convex mirrors are also used in airplanes and helicopters.

The phone-based intercom system has been around for a long time. There are numerous reasons why people may want to use a system like this, but one of the most common is to allow a single number to provide voice communication to multiple users on a business’s premises. The phone-based intercom system has been around for a long time. There are numerous reasons why people may want to use a system like this, but one of the most common is to allow a single number to provide voice communication to multiple users on a business’s premises.

Intercom systems are used in many different ways in different businesses. They are used in hospitals, factories, offices, and many more places. They allow you to talk to employees without going through the phone system. What many people do not realize is that when you hear the words, “intercom”, what they may actually mean is a PABX.

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Our management team is strong and committed to providing the highest quality product at a competitive price.

We will provide the service that our customers want. We have a strong marketing department that is well-versed in current technology and new ideas. They are highly professional and have a deep understanding of the customer’s expectations. They are able to share the best ideas and design the most competitive solution for you.

We also have a strong technical team that has a proven track record in the same field. They can complete all tasks in a short time and are committed to providing after-sales service within a short time.


It seems like everyone is talking about security cameras these days. Whether looking to protect against theft or vandalism, or to monitor children, pets, or the elderly, security cameras are a trend that is both then and here to stay.

Cameras are a great way to keep an eye on your property and keep an eye on your family. The problem is that most cameras aren’t very good at handling bright sunlight, producing grainy images, or capturing motion. That’s why Trimatrik decided to build a mini CCTV camera that can excel at every camera attribute and still look good!

CCTV camera (also known as closed-circuit television, CCTV, or security camera) is a video recorder that is placed in a place where it can observe an area for security purposes or to document an event (for example crime, traffic accident, incidents of vandalism, etc.). In many countries, a CCTV camera network is used to monitor public spaces. Although similar video recording systems are used around the world, the term “CCTV” is most commonly used for surveillance cameras used on a wider scale in an urban area.

How well can you recognize a person? Is it possible to identify a person in a crowded party just by looking at them? The answer to the first question is yes, but the answer to the second is not necessarily so. The body language of a person is different from person to person. A person who is cheerful and smiling is likely to be the same person at a crowded party. A person who is sad and frowning is likely to be the same person at a crowded party.

Security Cameras are currently one of the best ways to deter burglars and keep your family protected, but the technology has been around for a very long time. Our ancestors used to use cameras to keep an eye on their property, and it’s pretty safe to say that the idea is quite solid. But are cameras 100% effective at deterring burglars? Let’s take a look at the numbers and find out.

ESTALLBD is the leading Supplier of CCTV Camera in Bangladesh. This article will introduce you to how to install CCTV cameras in your office, home, school, apartment, shop, market, etc. Here, we will explain to you about the CCTV camera installation process and its advantages.

IP Camera Package Price in Bangladesh

  • Jovision 04 IP Camera Package = 19,999
  • Dahua 04 IP Camera Package = 25,000
  • Hikvision 04 IP Camera Package = 26,000
  • Avtech 04 IP Camera Package = 35,000
  • Jovision 08 IP Camera Package = 39,999
  • Dahua 08 IP Camera Package = 47,000
  • Hikvision 08 IP Camera Package = 49,000
  • Avtech 08 IP Camera Package = 80,000

ESTALLBD is the best CCTV and IP Camera Supplier Company in Dhaka Bangladesh

When it comes to CCTV and IP Cameras, there is no doubt that ESTALLBD is the best. We are a CCTV and IP Camera Supplier Company, designing, and supplying all types of CCTV and IP Camera, with the goal to provide the best solutions to our customers. We are a Mid-Range company, but we have the biggest heart.

Are you looking for the best CCTV cameras in Bangladesh? ESTALLBD, a top supplier of CCTV and IP cameras in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is your best choice. You have reached the right place if you are interested in this mission. We’re here to help. We are a CCTV and IP camera supplier, distributor, dealer, wholesaler, and CCTV service provider in Bangladesh. TRIMATRIK Multimedia offers the best CCTV camera price in Bangladesh, compared to local companies. Avtech CCTV & IP Camera is one of our quality brands. Hikvision CCTV & IP Camera is another. Jovision CCTV & IP Camera is another. Dahua CCTV & IP Camera are two other quality brands.

Hikvision is the world’s largest CCTV and IP Camera manufacturer. It is known for high-quality products and one of the best customer services in the world. Dahua CCTV and IP Camera system is a kind of security system that is used to protect your home surveillance from intruders. Dahua CCTV and IP Camera systems have many advantages and advantages over other CCTV systems. For example, Dahua CCTV and IP Camera System have a more clear and natural view than other systems which is used to monitor in the dark condition.

Advances in technology have led to the development of small and lightweight video surveillance cameras. The main objectives of most surveillance cameras are to provide a comprehensive view of the area under surveillance, detect unauthorized activities and also provide evidence in the event of an incident.

The most reliable proof of security in the country is CCTV and IP Camera. The cameras are not only used in Bangladesh but also in other countries like the USA. We can design, draw, and install CCTV cameras all across Bangladesh, including Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Gazipur, Narayanganj, etc. We are the top CCTV Camera Installation Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Best CCTV Camera Company in Bangladesh can provide CCTV Camera Solutions in Dhaka, Bangladesh. There are many options available on the market. Contact us if you need a CC Camera Provider for Bangladesh. call us for Convex Mirror Price in Bangladesh

ESTALLBD sales with affordable price IP CCTV cameras in Bangladesh. ESTALLBD is a top supplier of IP CCTV cameras in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are available to provide the best service. We are CCTV and IP camera Importer, Distributor Dealer, Distributor, Wholesaler at an attractive price. ESTALLBD The Best IP CCTV Camera in Bangladesh, compared to local companies. Hikvision is a quality brand, as well as Jovision CCTV IP Camera, Jovision CCTV IP Camera, and Dahua IP CCTV Camera.

CCTV Camera Provider Company in Uttara, Dhaka Bangladesh

ESTABLBD is a CCTV camera provider company in Uttara, Dhaka Bangladesh. The company is a trusted and reliable source for CCTV cameras and related equipment. We have a wide variety of cameras to choose from, and Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect camera for your needs. ESTABLBD also offers installation and support services, so you can be sure your camera system is up and running properly. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

Types of IP Camera & CCTV Cameras:

Both IP Camera & CCTV Camera has Bullet Camera, Box camera, Dome security cameras, IR security cameras, PTZ cameras, Spy cameras, and special cameras. Also, IP Camera is Wired & Wireless for 2 types. DVR, NVR XVR is a Standalone Device. Another CCTV Camera Type is Analog & HD (AHD, HDTVI, HDCVI, HDSDI).

You will need these products to install your IP camera or CCTV system:

CCTV and IP Camera requires a set of products such as: CCTV Cameras, IP Cameras, DVR/ NVR/XVR, Adapter, Video Cable, Power Cable, Cat6 Cable, Hard Disk, Monitor, Smart TV, BNC With Connector, Video Balun, RJ45 Connector, Network Switch, etc.

You are looking for IP or CCTV Cameras?

Everyone is concerned about security in every sphere of life. We will ensure that you are secure in every sphere of your life, including your home, office, household, workplace, business, educational institutions, religious establishments and market places. This will make it easier for you to feel safe and increase productivity. CCTV cameras are installed in every area of Bangladesh, including at home, in restaurants, schools, colleges, homes, and apartments.

Intrusion detection systems are essential for businesses to protect themselves from various types of threats. While intrusion detection systems have been used for a long time, they have evolved a lot in recent years. One of the most significant developments is the availability of data from an increasingly large number of cameras. Nowadays, you can find IP cameras in almost every place from your home to your workplace.

Where we install IP Camera or CCTV Camera

Security is a concern for all spheres in life for everyone. We intend to ensure your security in all sphere of life- your office, households, industry, educational institutions, religious establishments, market places or even in leisure places to make you feel comfortable and thereby increasing productivity and efficiency.

CCTV Camera Repair & Service in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Find the best CCTV Camera Repair & Service in Bangladesh. Estallbd is a leader in the industry, offering a range of services for DVRs, NVRs and cameras including CCTV Camera service, camera repair and camera maintenance. We provide full range of CCTV Camera Repair & Service, we have experience technicians to solve any problem of CCTV Camera.

We offer a wide range of CCTV installation, repair and maintenance services in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As well providing a CCTV System installation service, ESTALLBD operates a comprehensive repair and maintenance service for any existing CCTV Systems. We also offer a free consultation and site survey to help you decide on the best system for your specific needs.

Buy Dahua IP Camera in Dhaka-Bangladesh at the Best Price

Select Your Suitable Latest Dahua IP Camera

Now a days IP cameras are a must for any business and office. All the latest Dahua IP Cameras are available in ESTALLBD. You can see the detailed specifications and price of Dahua IP Cameras from here.

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You can compare and see that the price of Dahua IP Camera is much less than that of the local market. In Dhaka-Bangladesh, you can purchase Dahua IP Cameras at the best price from ESTALLBD.

Order Online and Get Home Delivery

ESTALLBD will deliver your ordered Dahua IP Cameras to your doorstep with the cash on delivery facility within a day.

Hikvision IP Camera in Bangladesh Price List

Name of CameraPrice of Camera
Hikvision DS-2CE56D0T-IRPF 1080P 2MP IR Dome Camera1550  Taka
Hikvision DS-2CE16D0T-IRPF 2MP HD Bullet IR CC Camera1550 Taka
HikvisionEzviz C6N 2MP Smart Wi-Fi Pan Camera3200 Taka
Hikvision DS-2CD1043G0-I 4MP IR Network camera4950 Taka
Hikvision DS=2DE5225IW-AE PTZ Camera with 25× zoom33000 Taka
Hikvision DS-2CD2121GO-I Dome Network camera4800 Taka

Brand of IP Camera, CCTV:

Although there are many CCTV brands on the market, we only work with a few: Avtech, Hikvision, Jovision, Dahua, and Uniview.

Prices for CCTV and IP Cameras in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Prices for CCTV cameras vary by brand and model. Call us for the latest prices on CCTV Cameras in Dhaka, Bangladesh. There are a few factors that can affect the price of camera sets, such as the reputation of the manufacturer and brand. Check out our other pages to find the Hikvlision CCTV Camera Prices in Bangladesh.

Jovision IP Camera Price in Bangladesh

DetailsLatest Price

Access Control & Time Attendance

Access controls and time attendance are fundamental to almost every industry, and therefore there are a lot of terms and technologies used to describe them.  Access control: This is a process that restricts the movement of people, things, and information, in order to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive areas and to ensure that resources are available when they are needed. Most access control systems use some form of card or token to identify people, and most of them rely on some kind of database to store information about users, such as user names, IP addresses, and access authorizations. Access control and time attendance are about controlling who uses what assets and when they use them. It’s about controlling access to assets and assets in use.

Access Control & Time Attendance Supplier in Bangladesh

We are going to introduce the Importance of Access Control & Time Attendance, Today this is very important for every person to manage their time & other things. ESTALLBD is the Supplier of access control & Time Attendance Solution in Bangladesh. To discuss the best solution to access control for your organization, first look at our client requirements. Check with our expert consultants and then we recommend our best solution. Access Control Provider in Uttara

Your safety and security as well as your work environment are important and must not be taken lightly. With the help of access control, you can control who is allowed to enter your service area or other areas of your building. Administrators can track employees’ movements and monitor safety in their establishment with door security systems such as ZKTECO and Nitgen, Anviz, Hundure, and Hikvision Fingerprint Device. You can restrict access to any area of your building, whether it is at work, home, or for business. These systems can be connected to any type of building or area and can be as simple as or complex as you wish. Popular Brands offer keypads and card reader systems for certain doors within your building.

You also have the option of video surveillance, biometric scanner options, and whole-day and night monitoring systems. These Access Control Systems are easy to set up, although professionals can install more sophisticated tools. Our Office can provide more information about Access Control Systems. ESTALLBD is known for importing, trading, and wholesaling high-quality Access Control and Time Attendance systems. ESTALLBD offers installation and maintenance services anywhere in Bangladesh for the offered array.

Access control & time attendance supplier in Bangladesh now it’s become quite a common word in the world for any organization to have an access control system and also time attendance system, but for our country, it was quite a difficult to implement this system in any organization because of the financial issue, but now we can easily implement this system because of our local access control supplier of “ESTALLBD

At the end of the day, we all have to share some of our time with our employers, but how much is fair? For example, we may be fast asleep during the day and out late at night, and the company has no way of knowing how much time we are spending on our own time. However, these services can help monitor how much time employees spend on their duties.

ZKTeco Time Attendance Machine Price in Bangladesh (BD) July, 2024

Latest ZKTeco ModelsLatest Price
ZKTeco F18 (Finger+RFID) Access Control & Time Attendance                      12,500.00
ZKTeco F19 (Finger+RFID) Acc Control & Attendance                    12,500.00
ZKTeco F21 Lite (Finger+RFID)                    13,500.00
ZKTeco F22 (Finger+RFID); Wi-Fi                   12,500.00
ZKTeco K40 (Finger+RFID) Time Attendance                      7,500.00
ZKTeco K50A (Finger+RFID) Time Attendance                      7,500.00
ZKTeco K60 (Finger+RFID) Time Attendance                      7,500.00
ZKTeco K90 (Finger+RFID) Time Attendance                      7,500.00
ZKTeco uFace302 (Face+Finger+RFID)                    25,500.00
ZKTeco uFace800 (Face+Finger+RFID)                    25,500.00
ZKTeco uFace902 (Face+Finger+RFID)                    26,500.00

Which Time Attendance Systems and access control are best for you?

There are a number of access control systems available today, and the choice of which to choose is a little confusing. We will explain the key differences between access control systems so that you can make an informed decision when choosing the one that is best for your business or organization.

It is important to consider your needs when searching for Time Attendance Systems. You should consider the type of business you have, the security requirements and the number of employees. Consider your goals and the cost of installation, as well as the time it will take you to maintain the system every day. Make use of the existing infrastructure to ensure you meet the Time Attendance Systems minimum requirements. Next, consider other features that are relevant to your business, such as who and how a manager will allow Time Attendance Systems access, smartphone capabilities, or network requirements. You can compare Time Attendance Systems by reading the following factors.

It is always important to design an access control system, and in addition to the physical aspects, it also mentions the Logical Access Control, which is the process of checking if the user has the necessary rights to enter a certain area or perform an action, based on the associated rules and system configuration. One of the most important factors to consider when choosing the access control system is the performance since it is the performance that determines how fast the system can check the user’s access rights.

Available Products in Bangladesh Locations

Azmiriganj Habiganj, Bahubal Habiganj, Baniachong Habiganj, Chunarughat Habiganj, Habiganj-S Habiganj, Lakhai Habiganj, Madhabpur Habiganj, Nabiganj Habiganj, Sayestaganj Habiganj, Barlekha Moulvibazar, Juri Moulvibazar, Kamalganj Moulvibazar, Kulaura Moulvibazar, Moulvibazar-S Moulvibazar, Rajnagar Moulvibazar, Sreemangal Moulvibazar, Biswamvarpur Sunamganj, Chatak Sunamganj, Sunamganj-South Sunamganj, Derai Sunamganj, Dharmapasha Sunamganj, Doarabazar Sunamganj, Jagannathpur Sunamganj, Jamalganj Sunamganj, Sulla Sunamganj, Sunamganj-S Sunamganj, Tahirpur Sunamganj, Balaganj Sylhet, Beanibazar Sylhet, Biswanath, Sylhet, Companiganj Sylhet, Dakshin Surma Sylhet, Fenchuganj Sylhet, Golapganj Sylhet, Gowainghat Sylhet, Jointiapur Sylhet, Kanaighat Sylhet, Osmaninagar Sylhet, Sylhet-S Sylhet, Zakiganj Sylhet. Amtali Barguna; Bamna Barguna; Barguna-S Barguna; Betagi Barguna, Patharghata Barguna, Taltali Barguna, Agailjhara Barishal, Babuganj Barishal, Bakerganj Barishal, Banaripara Barishal, Barishal-S Barishal, Gouranadi Barishal, Hizla Barishal, Mehendiganj Barishal, Muladi Barishal, Uzirpur  Barishal, Bhola-S Bhola, Borhanuddin Bhola, Charfassion Bhola, Daulatkhan Bhola, Lalmohan Bhola, Monpura Bhola, Tazumuddin Bhola, Jhalokathi-S Jhalokathi, Kathalia Jhalokathi, Nalchity Jhalokathi, Rajapur Jhalokathi, Bauphal Patuakhali, Dashmina Patuakhali, Dumki Patuakhali, Galachipa Patuakhali, Kalapara Patuakhali, Mirjaganj Patuakhali, Patuakhali-S Patuakhali, Rangabali Patuakhali, Bhandaria Pirojpur, Kawkhali Pirojpur, Mothbaria Pirojpur, Nazirpur Pirojpur, Nesarabad Pirojpur, Pirojpur-S Pirojpur, Zianagar Pirojpur

Akhaura B.baria, Ashuganj B.baria, B.Baria-S B.baria, Bancharampur B.baria, Bijoynagar B.baria, Kasba B.baria, Nabinagar B.baria, Nasirnagar B.baria, Sarail B.baria, Alikadam Bandarban, Bandarban-S Bandarban, Lama Bandarban, Naikhyongchari Bandarban, Rowangchari Bandarban, Ruma Bandarban, Thanchi Bandarban, Chandpur-S Chandpur, Faridganj Chandpur, Haimchar Chandpur, Haziganj Chandpur, Kachua Chandpur, Matlab (Dakshin) Chandpur, Matlab (Uttar) Chandpur, Shahrasti Chandpur. Anwara  Chattogram, Banskhali Chattogram, Boalkhali Chattogram, Chandanish Chattogram, Fatikchari Chattogram, Hathazari Chattogram, Karnaphuli Chattogram, Lohagara Chattogram, Mirsharai Chattogram, Patiya Chattogram, Rangunia Chattogram, Raojan Chattogram, Sandwip Chattogram, Satkania Chattogram, Sitakunda Chattogram, Chakoria Cox’s bazar, Cox’S Bazar-S, Kutubdia Cox’s bazar, Moheskhali Cox’s bazar, Pekua Cox’s bazar, Ramu Cox’s bazar, Teknaf Cox’s bazar, Ukhiya Cox’s bazar, Barura Cumilla, Brahmanpara Cumilla, Burichong Cumilla, Chandina Cumilla, Chouddagram Cumilla, Cumilla-S Cumilla, Cumilla-S Daksin Cumilla, Daudkandi Cumilla, Debidwar Cumilla, Homna Cumilla, Laksham Cumilla, Lalmai Cumilla, Meghna Cumilla, Monohorganj Cumilla, Muradnagar Cumilla, Nangalkot Cumilla, Titas Cumilla, Chhagalniya Feni, Daganbhuiyan Feni, Feni-S Feni, Fulgazi Feni, Porshuram Feni, Sonagazi Feni, Dighinala Khagrachari, Guimara Khagrachari, Khagrachari-S Khagrachari, Laxmichari Khagrachari, Mahalchari Khagrachari, Manikchari Khagrachari, Matiranga Khagrachari, Panchari Khagrachari, Ramgarh Khagrachari, Komol Nagar Laxmipur, Laxmipur-S Laxmipur, Raipur Laxmipur, Ramganj Laxmipur, Ramgati Laxmipur, Begumganj Noakhali, Chatkhil Noakhali, Companiganj Noakhali, Hatiya Noakhali, Kabir Hat Noakhali, Noakhali-S Noakhali, Senbag Noakhali, Sonaimuri Noakhali, Subarna Char Noakhali, Baghaichari Rangamati, Barkal Rangamati, Belaichari Rangamati, Juraichari Rangamati, Kaptai Rangamati, Kaukhali Rangamati, Langadu Rangamati, Nanniarchar Rangamati, Rajosthali Rangamati, Rangamati-S Rangamati.

Dhamrai Dhaka, Dohar Dhaka, Keraniganj Dhaka, Nawabganj Dhaka, Savar Dhaka, Alfadanga Faridpur, Bhanga Faridpur, Boalmari Faridpur, Charbhadrasan Faridpur, Faridpur-S Faridpur, Madhukhali Faridpur, Nagarkanda Faridpur, Sadarpur Faridpur, Saltha Faridpur, Gazipur-S Gazipur, Kaliakoir Gazipur, Kaliganj Gazipur, Kapasia Gazipur, Sreepur Gazipur, Gopalganj-S Gopalganj, Kasiani Gopalganj, Kotwalipara Gopalganj, Muksudpur Gopalganj, Tungipara Gopalganj, Austagram Kishoreganj, Bajitpur  Kishoreganj, Bhairab Kishoreganj, Hossainpur Kishoreganj, Itna Kishoreganj, Karimganj Kishoreganj, Katiadi Kishoreganj, Kishoreganj-S Kishoreganj, Kuliarchar Kishoreganj, Mithamoin Kishoreganj, Nikli Kishoreganj, Pakundia,  Tarail, Kalkini Madaripur, Madaripur-S Madaripur, Rajoir Madaripur, Shibchar Madaripur, Daulatpur Manikganj, Ghior Manikganj, Harirampur Manikganj, Manikganj-S Manikganj, Saturia Manikganj, Shivalaya Manikganj, Singair Manikganj , Gazaria Munshiganj , Lauhajong Munshiganj , Munshiganj-S Munshiganj, Sirajdikhan Munshiganj, Sreenagar Munshiganj , Tongibari Munshiganj , Araihazar Narayanganj, Bandar Narayanganj, Narayanganj-S Narayanganj, Rupganj Narayanganj, Sonargaon Narayanganj.

Belabo Narshingdi, Monohardi Narshingdi, Narshingdi-S Narshingdi, Palash Narshingdi, Raipura Narshingdi, Shibpur Narshingdi, Baliakandi Rajbari, Goalanda Rajbari, Kalukhali Rajbari, Pangsha Rajbari, Rajbari-S Rajbari, Bhedarganj Shariatpur, Damuddya Shariatpur, Goshairhat Shariatpur, Janjira Shariatpur, Naria Shariatpur, Shariatpur-S Shariatpur,  Basail Tangail, Bhuapur Tangail, Delduar Tangail, Dhanbari Tangail, Ghatail Tangail, Gopalpur Tangail, Kalihati Tangail, Madhupur Tangail, Mirzapur Tangail, Nagarpur Tangail, Shakhipur Tangail, Tangail-S Tangail, Bagerhat-S Bagerhat, Chitalmari Bagerhat, Fakirhat Bagerhat, Kachua Bagerhat, Mollahat Bagerhat, Mongla Bagerhat, Morrelganj Bagerhat, Rampal Bagerhat, Sharankhola Bagerhat, Alamdanga Chuadanga, Chuadanga-S Chuadanga, Damurhuda Chuadanga, Jibannagar Chuadanga, Abhoynagar Jashore, Bagherpara Jashore, Chowgacha Jashore, Jashore-S Jashore, Jhikargacha Jashore, Keshabpur Jashore, Monirampur Jhenaidah, Sarsha Jhenaidah, Harinakunda Jhenaidah, Jhenaidah-S Jhenaidah, Kaliganj  Jhenaidah, Kotchandpur Jhenaidah, Moheshpur Jhenaidah, Shailkupa Jhenaidah, Batiaghata Khulna, Dacope Khulna, Dighalia Khulna, Dumuria Khulna, Koira Khulna, Paikgacha Khulna, Phultala Khulna, Rupsa Khulna, Terokhada Khulna, Bheramara Kushtia, Daulatpur Kushtia, Khoksha Kushtia, Kumarkhali Kushtia, Kushtia-S Kushtia, Mirpur Kushtia, Magura-S Magura, Mohammadpur Magura, Salikha Magura, Sreepur Magura, Gangni Meherpur, Meherpur-S Meherpur, Mujib Nagar Meherpur, Kalia Narail, Lohagara Narail, Narail-S Narail, Assasuni Satkhira, Debhata Satkhira, Kalaroa Satkhira, Kaliganj Satkhira, Satkhira-S Satkhira, Shyamnagar Satkhira, Tala Satkhira, Bakshiganj Jamalpur, Dewanganj Jamalpur, Islampur Jamalpur, Jamalpur-S Jamalpur, Madarganj Jamalpur, Melendah Jamalpur, Sarishabari Jamalpur, Bhaluka Mymensingh, Dhobaura Mymensingh, Fulbaria Mymensingh, Gaffargaon Mymensingh, Gouripur Mymensingh, Haluaghat Mymensingh, Ishwarganj Mymensingh, Muktagacha Mymensingh, Mymensingh-S   Mymensingh, Nandail Mymensingh, Phulpur Mymensingh, Tarakanda Mymensingh, Trishal Mymensingh, Atpara Netrokona, Barhatta Netrokona, Durgapur Netrokona, Kalmakanda Netrokona, Kendua Netrokona, Khaliajuri Netrokona, Madan Netrokona, Mohanganj Netrokona, Netrakona-S Netrokona.

Purbadhala Netrokona, Jhenaigati Sherpur, Nakla Sherpur, Nalitabari Sherpur, Sherpur-S Sherpur, Sreebordi Sherpur, Adamdighi Bogura, Bogura-S Bogura, Dhunot Bogura, Dhupchancia Bogura, Gabtali Bogura, Kahaloo Bogura, Nandigram Bogura, Sariakandi Bogura, Shajahanpur Bogura, Sherpur Bogura, Shibganj Bogura, Sonatala Bogura, Bholahat C. Nawabganj, Gomostapur C. Nawabganj, Nachol C. Nawabganj, Nawabganj-S C. Nawabganj, Shibganj C. Nawabganj, Akkelpur Joypurhat, Joypurhat-S Joypurhat, Kalai Joypurhat, Khetlal Joypurhat, Panchbibi Joypurhat, Atrai Naogaon, Badalgachi Naogaon, Dhamoirhat Naogaon, Manda Naogaon, Mohadevpur Naogaon, Naogaon-S Naogaon, Niamatpur Naogaon, Patnitala Naogaon, Porsha Naogaon, Raninagar Naogaon, Shapahar Naogaon, Bagatipara Natore, Baraigram Natore, Gurudaspur Natore, Lalpur Natore, Naldanga Natore, Natore-S Natore, Singra Natore, Atghoria Pabna. Bera Pabna, Bhangura Pabna, Chatmohar Pabna, Faridpur Pabna, Ishwardi Pabna, Pabna-S Pabna, Santhia Pabna, Sujanagar Pabna, Bagha Rajshahi, Bagmara Rajshahi, Charghat Rajshahi, Durgapur Rajshahi, Godagari Rajshahi, Mohanpur Rajshahi, Paba Rajshahi, Puthia Rajshahi, Tanore Rajshahi, Belkuchi Sirajganj, Chowhali Sirajganj, Kamarkhand Sirajganj, Kazipur Sirajganj, Raiganj Sirajganj, Shahzadpur Sirajganj, Sirajganj-S Sirajganj, Tarash Sirajganj, Ullapara Sirajganj, Birampur Dinajpur, Birganj Dinajpur, Birol Dinajpur, Bochaganj Dinajpur, Chirirbandar Dinajpur, Dinajpur-S Dinajpur, Fulbari Dinajpur, Ghoraghat Dinajpur, Hakimpur Dinajpur, Kaharol Dinajpur, Khanshama Dinajpur, Nawabganj Dinajpur, Parbatipur Dinajpur, Fulchari Gaibandha, Gaibandha-S Gaibandha, Gobindaganj Gaibandha, Palashbari Gaibandha, Sadullapur Gaibandha, Saghata Gaibandha, Sundarganj Gaibandha, Bhurungamari Kurigram, Chilmari Kurigram, Fulbari Kurigram, Kurigram-S Kurigram, Nageswari Kurigram, Rajarhat Kurigram, Rajibpur Kurigram, Rowmari Kurigram, Ulipur Kurigram, Aditmari Lalmonirhat, Hatibandha Lalmonirhat, Kaliganj Lalmonirhat, Lalmonirhat-S Lalmonirhat, Patgram Lalmonirhat, Dimla Nilphamari, Domar Nilphamari, Jaldhaka Nilphamari, Kishoreganj Nilphamari, Nilphamari-S Nilphamari, Sayedpur Nilphamari, Atwari Panchagarh, Boda Panchagarh, Debiganj Panchagarh, Panchagarh-S Panchagarh, Tetulia Panchagarh, Badarganj Rangpur, Gangachara Rangpur, Kaunia Rangpur, Mithapukur Rangpur, Pirgacha Rangpur, Pirganj Rangpur, Rangpur-S Rangpur, Taraganj Rangpur, Baliadangi Thakurgaon, Haripur Thakurgaon, Pirganj Thakurgaon, Ranisankail Thakurgaon, Thakurgaon-S Thakurgaon.