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Convex Mirror

Convex Mirror, Safety Mirrors for Driveways, Roadside Safety Mirror.

Convex Mirror can be used indoors or outdoors and can be adjusted to any angle to allow an optimal line of sight. As a retail security convex mirror, it can be positioned wherever goods are concealed from view by shelves and partitions, around corners, aisles and corridors.

The ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) back makes it an effective safety mirror for sheltered outdoor and light industrial safety situations such as factories, hospitals, playgrounds or any other situation where blind spots may cause a problem. Call us for Best Convex Mirror Price in BD

This is designed as a driveway safety mirror. It provides a clear view of driveways and other area where traffic can enter and exit. It is designed to be mounted on a pole. This convex mirror is designed to provide a wide viewing angle. It is made of clear glass with silver aluminum frame. This is ideal for use in areas where there is a high traffic. This mirror is wall mountable. The mirror is easily installed. It is designed to be used in high traffic areas like driveways, entrances and exits. It is a reflection mirror that is designed to provide viewing at long distance. This mirror is installed on poles for maximum safety.

Convex Mirror in BD
Convex Mirror in BD

Indoor and Outdoor Convex Mirror

The convex mirror is one of the most amazing inventions in the modern era. This mirror uses a convex lens to reflect the image of the road behind it. This gives you the impression that you are driving on the road, but you will be safe from any possible accidents. The convex mirror can also be mounted on any surface and used as a safety mirror. This convex mirror is a cost-effective method to reduce accidents on road and can be used to satisfy all safety regulations.

Parking Safety Mirror

A good driving mirror is something which can also be used as a parking safety mirror. It is a very good addition in place of conventional rearview mirrors in the car. It always helps to keep the rear vision of the car in the mirror.

Roadside Safety Convex Mirror

There are two types of convex mirrors, a non-convex and a convex mirror. Both types are used to direct the light from a headlight into the eyes of the driver. Non-convex mirrors are flat mirrors that surround the headlight on the bumper of a car. Convex mirrors are mirrors that are curved into a bow shape. Convex mirrors are used to direct the light from a headlight into the eyes of the driver. So, if you are driving at night on a road with no power during a storm and you’re unable to see what is in front of you, a convex mirror would be a great help.

Drive home from the supermarket, car wash, garage, etc. and get caught in a torrential downpour. You have to take shelter until the storm blows over. At this point, you are likely to find yourself wearing a rain jacket, and a flashlight. You take the flashlight out of your pocket, and find the annoying problem of where to look, and where to point the light. You keep the light in your hand for a while, and it somehow ends up on your lap. So, why not attach the flashlight to your car’s mirror? This solves the issue of having to hold the flashlight, and also provides a convenient source of light when needed.

Latest Convex Mirror Price in BD

  • Convex Mirror 24 inch = 11,000
  • Convex Mirror 32 inch = 17,500
  • Convex Mirror 39 inch = 21,000