Solar Panel Supplier in Bangladesh

Solar Panel: CALL> 0185-3330344 The sun is the first source of solar energy. Solar panels, also known as PV panels, are used to convert sunlight from the sun (which is made up of particles of energy called photons) into electricity that can power electrical loads. You can use solar panels forRead More →

Panasonic KX-T7665 bangladesh

Panasonic KX-T7665 Digital Proprietary Telephone Set Panasonic KX7665 digital proprietary phone features 8 Programmable CO Keys, 1 line x 16-digit LCD, compatibility with KX/TDA series PABX system, hands-free speech. Panasonic KX7665 Bangladesh 1-line x 16 characters Caller ID LCD 8 Programmable CO keys featuring dual-color LEDs Whisper Off-hook Announce ARead More →

Virdi SR-100FP Price in BD, TRIMATRIK

Virdi SR-100FP RFID & Fingerprint Slave Reader Virdi SR-100FP RFID & fingerprint slave reader access control, antipas back ReaderCommunication – RS485, compatible with – AC2100 Plus / AC4000, fake finger detection, stand-alone anti-passback, optical sensor and algorithm detects fake fingerprints made of paper / film / silicone and rubber, antiRead More →

Toa DA-500FH

TOA DA-500FH Digital Power Amplifiers The DA-500FH is a 4-Channel Digital Power Amplifier designed for 100 V line high-impedance distribution and features lightweight, compact, high power output, and high efficiency. It delivers 500 W ƒ 4 channels (20 › output) using a switching power supply. Each channel is equipped withRead More →

Archway Gate MCD300 Walkthrough Metal Detector in Bangladesh, MCD300 in Bangladesh

Archway Gate MCD300 Walkthrough Metal Detector in Bangladesh Fireproof, waterproof and shockproof. Multi-zone can exactly detect the location of metals that walk through person takes. Especially designed for factory, Exhibition Areas for outdoor check,  such as hardware and Electronic manufacturer check if the person steals the metals, or ApplyRead More →

parking mirror price in bangladesh

parking mirror price in bangladesh Convex Safety mirror on entry and exit. PC Wide angle, Road Security convex mirror, 130 Degree viewing angle. PMMA convex mirror with cap. Excellent visibility. Convex Mirror Bangladesh The 24″ mirror reflects a clear, bright image, used to eliminate blind spots to prevent accidents, injuriesRead More →

TOA A-2240 Price in Bangladesh

TOA A-2240 Mixer Power Amplifier in BD Power Source 220 – 240 V AC, or 24 V DC Rated Output 240 W Power Consumption 238 W (EN60065), 15 A (DC operation at rated output) Frequency Response 50 – 20,000 Hz (±3 dB) Distortion 1% or less at 1 kHz, 1/3Read More →

TEV TA-120 Bangladesh

TEV TA-120 PORTABLE PA SYSTEM in Bangladesh * Light Weight & Beautiful Looking * High Power Output & Clear Sound * USB/Line In * AC/DC Operated * 12V 1.3Ah Lead-Acid Battery * Long Battery Life TEV TA-120 Bangladesh Power Output 35W T.H.D. <0.5% Frequency Response 200Hz~10KHz ±3dB Echo Echo EffectRead More →

HTDZ HT-F16/2 Bangladesh

HTDZ HT-F16/2 Professional Mixing Console in Bangladesh The pro mixing console is key to a professional audio system. Using preamplifier as the main part, it can receive multi-channel audio signals of different impedances and levels and can equalize, mix, distribute these signals. As long as you achieve the best SNRRead More →


HTDZ HT-D38 Bangladesh The excellent sound quality in conjunction with a robust design characterizes HTDZ meeting microphones. HTDZ offers a varied range of microphones for all applications: gooseneck, acoustical boundary and desktop microphones, etc. and the range covers all situations in which microphones are implemented. All microphones designed with theRead More →