Half height turnstile

The shape of the half-height turnstile is stamped and formed by SUS304 stainless steel plate. The cross turnstile adopts the most advanced drive control technology. The design can be changed in a wide range to meet the various requirements of different styles of modern buildings for intelligent access control systems. The turnstile is especially suitable for the safe and reliable protection of the external facilities of the factory, sports fields, entertainment venues, and parking facilities. Automatic entrance turnstiles personnel to design, highly sophisticated system with a wide range of use, can be connected to the access control card readers, ticket gate system to prevent unauthorized persons will enter.



Half height turnstile in Bangladesh.

Functional features

  • The mechanical system of passage gate is divided into two parts: structure frame and movement. The structure frame is used as a carrier, on which a direction finger reading and writing device is installed, and the movement is mainly composed of a motor, a main board, a frame, a fixed frame, a transmission shaft, a gate, a dust-proof and waterproof cover, a guardrail, etc
  • Traffic direction: one-way and two-way (optional); it has a variety of working modes to choose from, that is, two-way card reading and current limiting; it can also read the card while the other direction is forbidden; it can read the card while the other direction is free to pass
  • Automatic reset function: after the gate is opened, the system will automatically lock if there is no passage within the specified time, and the passage time can be adjusted
  • Unique bidirectional anti reverse function for half height turnstile
  • Power off free rotation function, meet the fire requirements
  • Light prompt: direction indication
  • The control panel has counting function and LED digital display function (optional)
  • The control board has memory function, which can meet the needs of group traffic
  • Using the principle of optical hole position, there is no delay requirement for input control signal

technical parameter

  • Case material: 304 stainless steel frame structure
  • Chassis size: 1600 * 280 * 1150 (mm)
  • Channel width: 550mm
  • Weight: About 200kg / set
  • Swing direction: unidirectional or bidirectional
  • Power supply voltage: AC220 ± 10% v, 50 Hz
  • Drive motor: DC electromagnet: 30W / 24V
  • Input interface: relay switch signal or RS485 level signal
  • Traffic speed: about 40 people / min (normally open), 25-30 people / min (normally closed)
  • Working environment: indoor and outdoor (with rain rack)
  • Communication control interface: RS485 standard (customized)
  • Normal service life: 5 million times
  • Communication interface: Standard RS485 interface, distance ≤ 1200m
  • 13. Temperature: – 10 ℃~ 50 ℃
  • 14. Relative humidity: ≤ 90%, no condensation

## A half height turnstile is an access controlling turnstile that reaches waist height.


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