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Every day, more and more people are relying on the internet to do their work, play games, and stay connected. For this, the internet demands a certain speed, and a lot of people have no choice but to buy a device that can deliver this speed. For this reason, power sources have become important. There are many different types of power sources in the market today. With the increasing demand for the internet and the increasing power usage of components, we have come to realize that a power source must be able to provide more energy, faster and stronger.


Looking for a quality inverter device? Check out our authorized dealer of Luminous IPS! We have a wide selection of products that can help you boost your productivity and save money.

Many people are looking for a quality inverter device. But how do you know which one is the best for you? Check out our authorized dealer of Luminous IPS! We have a wide selection of products that can help you boost your productivity and save money. Our inverters are made with the latest technology, so you can be sure that they will deliver the power you need to succeed in your business. EStallBD is the Leading Luminous IPS Supplier in Bangladesh.

What is Luminous IPS?

A UPS, or uninterruptible power supply, is an electrical device that provides backup power to a computer or other electronic device in the event of a main power failure. An IPS, or instant power supply, is a type of UPS that delivers near-instantaneous power to the device when the main supply fails. This allows the device to remain operational long enough for the backup battery to take over and provide sustained power.

IPS units are typically smaller and less expensive than traditional UPS systems, and they are ideal for use with devices that require short bursts of power, such as digital signage or point-of-sale systems. They can also be used as a temporary power source during a blackout or brownout.

IPS units come in both standalone and rackmount form factors, and they are available in 12 volt and 24 volt models.

Luminous IPS is a brand name for a range of inverters that are used in a wide range of businesses. Luminous IPS inverters are known for their high performance and efficiency. They are also known for their reliability and easy installation.

Luminous IPS in Bangladesh

Luminous IPS offers a unique blend of leading edge technology and power. With an in-built UPS of 600VA and neutral line protection, this UPS is a great choice for home and office use. Moreover, it offers two different types of battery backup: a standard battery and a rechargeable battery. For home and office use, Luminous IPS provides an inverter with a huge selection of world-class batteries.

The Luminous 3.5 KVA Cruze+ is a safe and efficient power supply for sensitive appliances. It has an integrated temperature sensor and cooling fan that keeps its temperature optimal. With this, your home and office equipment will be protected from damaging voltage fluctuations. With an inverter, a high-quality backup unit will save you from costly downtime. The Luminous Cruze+ features multiple backup options, such as a battery and a backup battery.

IPS 3.5 KVA Cruze+ provides superior power backup for your home. The sine wave output of the IPS 3.5 KVA Cruze+ is safe for sensitive appliances. With zero monitoring after installation, Luminous IPS products provide a reliable backup. The streamlined installation process ensures that you can focus on your business and not worry about unexpected power cuts. If you are looking for a power source that is a safe choice, then IPS is the way to go.

The Luminous IPS inverter is an excellent choice for power backup. The unit is rated at two hundred watts and has a capacity of 2.5 KVA. These power inverters have a low voltage protection feature and an IP20 front panel for added safety. The Cruze+ IPS Inverter also features an IP20 front panel for protection from dust and moisture. Whether you need a portable power generator or a complete home power backup solution, the Cruze+ IPS Inverter has the right features to keep you going.

Luminous Home UPS 900VA Zelio+ 1100
Luminous Home UPS 900VA Zelio+ 1100
ICruze 7500
ICruze 7500
5.2 KVA Cruze
5.2 KVA Cruze
ICruze 4500
ICruze 4500
ICruze 3000
ICruze 3000
4 KVA Cruze+
4 KVA Cruze+
3.5 KVA Cruze+
3.5 KVA Cruze+
2 KVA Cruze+
2 KVA Cruze+
Eco Volt+ 1550
Eco Volt+ 1550
Rapid 1650
Rapid 1650
Eco Watt+ 1050
Eco Watt+ 1050
Eco Volt+ 1050
Eco Volt+ 1050
Zolt 1100
Zolt 1100

What can our products do for you?

Our products can help you boost your productivity and save money.

For example, our inverters are made with the latest technology, so you can be sure that they will deliver the power you need to succeed in your business. Additionally, our inverters are reliable and backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can also trust that we will never sell you an inferior product.

How can we help you succeed?

At EStallBD, we believe that quality is important in any business. That’s why we are always looking for new ways to improve our products and services. We believe that by working with the best inverters providers in the world, we can save you money and increase your success. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help you get the most out of your business.

Who is our target audience?

Our target audience is anyone who wants to increase their productivity and save money. We have a wide selection of products that can help you boost your productivity and save money. So, whether you’re looking for an inverter device for your business or just want the best possible product, we have you covered!

When it comes to creating a product, it is important to know who the target audience is. This helps to focus on what needs to be done in order to reach this group of people. So, who is our target audience for LUMINOUS IPS?

The people who are likely to be interested in LUMINOUS IPS are those who want a high-quality IPS for their device. This could be for personal or business use. The target market is also people who want an edge over their competitors and are willing to pay for quality.

There are many different types of IPS on the market, but not all of them offer the same features or quality. LUMINOUS IPS is a product that aims to fill that gap by providing a superior Quality that can be used for various purposes.

Luminous Eco Watt Neo 700 IPS Inverter

Luminus eco watt neo 700 inverter is a high-performance pure sine wave inverter that has a 420W capacity. It’s perfect for powering appliances and electronic devices with AC voltages ranging from 140 to 250 volts. The eco watt neo 700 also features an intuitive LCD display, 12 volt DC battery, and 1 x 150Ah optional battery.

Luminous 3500VA Sine Cruze Wave IPS Inverter

If you are looking for an inverter that can handle a high load, the Luminous 3500VA Sine Cruze Wave Inverter is a great option. It has an auto over-load handling capacity of up to 150%, so it can easily handle your power needs. Additionally, it features MCB protection from input mains, ensuring that your equipment is safe even in the event of a power outage.

Luminous Eco Watt+ 1050 IPS Inverter in Bangladesh

The Luminous Eco Watt+ 1050 inverter is square ware, wall mountable, USB port charging, 3 stage battery charging, microprocessor and FSW transformer. The 1050 watts pow is great for small home appliances and electronics. The eco-friendly design is low voltage start up and standby mode with intelligent cooling fan. The Luminous Eco Watt+ 1050 inverter also has a detachable mounting plate for easy installation.

The Luminous Cruze+ 2.5 KVA Pure Sinewave Inverter Supplier in Bangladesh

Its Luminous Cruze pure sine inverter can handle 2.5 KVA and a rating output of 2100 W. This is suitable for devices that produce sine waves and can handle heavy loads like geysers, air conditioners photocopiers, gasoline pumps as well as dental chairs. It also comes with an overload protection system that automatically detects and provides reliable, high-quality power backup solutions for both businesses and households. It also has an MCB that provides mains protection for input and bypass buttons to supply output directly to power grids in an UPS malfunction in your home.

Having started off as an online electronics supplier, didn’t stop there. As a result of our customer’s demand, we started offering them with a wide range of Luminous IPS products, like Luminous Cruze+ 2.5, Luminous maintenance free Battary, Luminous Solar battery, Solar panel in Bangladesh.

Luminous Cruze+ 7.5 KVA Inverter Provider in Bangladesh

This luminous Cruze Pure Sine Inverter is rated at 6000 watts, and a power output in the range of 7.5 KVA. It is able to run heavy loads like geysers, air conditioners as well as photocopiers and fuel pumps and dental chairs. It is safe for fragile devices that have a sine waves. It also features an automated overload capability and supplies businesses as well as homes with high-quality and solid energy backup solutions. If there is a power outage at home, the unit has an MCB to provide protection of the mains input and a bypass button feed directly via the grid. Here at, we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality products and services, at the most affordable prices.

  • ABCC helps to speed up battery charging and also enhances
  • A simple display that makes it easy to discern the status of the battery
  • Comprehensive protection against short-circuit
  • Six batteries are supported.
  • Low harmonic distortion

Luminous Cruze+ 5200 Pure IPS-UPS Sine Wave Inverter in Bangladesh

High over-load handling capacity, installation and maintenance-friendly, up to 70% intelligent battery charging mechanism, 5.2 KVA capacity, 4420-watt rated power, auto over-load handling capacity, six battery support, bypass switch supplying output directly from the grid in case of home UPS fault, 4000W power output, 110V to 290V voltage input, high quality and reliable power back-up solution for office and home, display to easily understand the status of mains availability, comprehensive protection against short-circuiting.

Luminous IPS Provider in Dhaka, Bangladesh

In Dhaka, Bangladesh the Luminous IPS Provider is a top company that provides top quality service. We have a wide range of products to offer, and Our team is highly experienced and qualified. The company is known for its reliable service, and Our customers are always happy with the results.

Luminous IPS Provider in Uttara

There are a number of Luminous IPS providers in Uttara, Dhaka. Among them, one of the most reliable is ESTALLBD. We have a number of satisfied customers who have been using Our services for years. Our prices are also very reasonable, making them a popular choice among many people.

Luminous is an advanced power supply provider for the IT & ITES industry. We are focused on providing fast, effective and reliable power supplies to our customers who demand an uninterrupted supply of power. Our team has a proven track record in the market and we have established ourselves as a recognized brand. Luminous is committed to be the market leader in the field of power supply, in all areas of our business.

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WHY ESTALLBD: is the Business of TRIMATRIK, which was established in 2017 to provide quality and cheap products to a wide range of users. We have been in the market since last 05 years and serve more than 1000 customers in Bangladesh. We are the leading IPS and battery supplier in Bangladesh

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We would like to provide you with some information about our company, EStallBD. We are a leading supplier of Luminous IPS inverters in Bangladesh. We offer a wide variety of products that can help you boost your productivity and save money. Our inverters are made with the latest technology, so you can be sure that they will deliver the power you need to succeed in your business. EStallBD is the Leading Luminous IPS Supplier in Bangladesh. Contact us today to learn more!