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Latest Best IP Camera Price in Bangladesh 2023

IP Camera CCTV Camera ModelPrice in BD
Dahua 2MP IP Camera৳ 3,800
Dahua 4MP Bullet Network Camera৳ 5,800

IP Camera is considered as the most popular surveillance camera in Bangladesh. Actually IP is a technology name whose full form is Internet Protocol. Currently, this modern IP technology is being added to CCTV cameras. Previously, the video recorded from the CCTV camera could only be viewed on a different device, but nowadays, due to the improvement of IP technology, live video can be viewed on devices such as computers, laptops, smartphones. Also the IP camera resolution is very good. You can compare the prices of IP CC cameras of different brands, different resolutions and different shapes at BD stall.

What cables are needed to connect IP cameras?

There are 3 types of IP cameras to choose from when setting up IP cameras. These 3 types are:

• Wireless cc camera
• Wired IP cameras
• Cellular IP cameras

Wireless CC Camera:

It receives and transmits data with the help of WiFi connection so it is called Wireless CCTV Camera. As a result, camera footage can be seen easily on mobile, computer, and television devices without wires.

Wired IP Camera:

Wired means not a common cable but the IP camera is connected by an Ethernet cable. This connection is considered the most secure. With Ethernet cable, the signal is secure, making it less prone to unwanted interference by other people, and the data transmission speed over this connection is higher than WiFi. And wired IP cameras are more common in Bangladesh because their prices are much lower than wireless cc cameras.

Cellular IP Camera:

IP cameras can also be used over cellular networks. If there is no Wi-Fi connection, by connecting the IP camera to the hotspot by turning on the data connection on the mobile phone, images or videos can be viewed with the help of the mobile phone. So the cellular network can also be selected when setting up the IP camera.

What are the benefits of IP cameras?

IP cameras come with a variety of benefits. And it is because of these various advantages that IP cameras are most popular in Bangladesh. Below are the benefits of IP cameras:

1. An IP camera works even if there is no local storage or recorder machine because it can record to any connected device. But in this case, you need to download the specific app for the IP camera.

2. The video recorded by the IP camera can be viewed directly with devices such as laptops, desktop computers, smartphones.

3. The IP camera has an exceptional feature called two way audio system. It makes it very easy to talk to the person in front of the camera.

4. IP cameras can monitor video or images in real-time.

5. IP cameras can provide higher quality images and videos than previous cameras.

6. It is quite easy to set up as it is managed with an Ethernet cable. And if Ethernet cable is installed in office or home, then separate cable is not required.

7. IP cameras can be connected to a router, allowing direct viewing from multiple devices.

8. Each IP camera needs a separate power connection where it will be installed. Some types of IP cameras are available in Bangladesh which have PoE Ethernet port so it gets power from Ethernet cable so IP camera can be easily installed anywhere.

9. Face detection and motion detection technologies are available in BD IP cameras which provide advanced security and can monitor more people with fewer cameras.

10. The IP camera has a zoom lens so close shots of any video or photo can be taken.

What is the price of IP camera?

IP camera prices in BD start from just Tk 1,100 and range from Tk 50,000 to Tk 65,000 or more. It has a 360-degree fish-eye lens that can capture photos or videos with the camera at a low price. If you install this IP camera in a corner of a room, you will get a clear view of the entire room with the help of this camera. It has a 2 megapixel camera, 120m IR distance technology, two way voice intercom and supports microSD card up to 64GB. Also IP camera prices in BD are determined based on different brands, models and features.

How to save video with IP camera?

NVR or Network Video Recorder is an important device in IP cameras. NVR can connect multiple IP cameras and save video from all cameras separately in digital format. The amount of storage depends on the hard disk it contains.

How to set IP camera?

Setting up an IP camera is very easy. The IP number of the IP camera can be directly set by typing in the browser and live video can be viewed from there. And if it is connected to the video recorder, it can be set by connecting to the video recorder and recording can be done there.