Luxury small swing gate

The luxurious small swing gate has beautiful appearance and low swing noise. It can add light bars to make lighting effects. It is mostly used for high-end office buildings, leisure clubs, gyms, beauty salons and other high-end places for personnel access management and member management.



Luxury small swing gate in Bangladesh.


  • Using brushless motor, longer life.
  •  Smooth operation, adjustable speed, low wear, modular structure design, simple operation and low maintenance
  • The channel width can be set, with good anti-pinch function and higher safety.
  • Anti-collision buffer function: When the gate is forcibly passed without authorization, the gate lever buffers the corresponding angle and starts the real-time reverse thrust, and voice reminds. While realizing humanized damage prevention, it greatly reduces mechanical damage caused by frequent or continuous collisions.
  • Anti-tailing function: After the people and objects in front pass, during the resetting process of the swing arm, if someone passes again, the swing arm will automatically reverse thrust to block and alarm. If the people and objects in front do not pass completely, the people behind follow and enter, the infrared will start the alarm.
  • Automatically open after power failure: After power failure, the swing arm is driven to open by its own mechanical force to form an evacuation channel to avoid personnel panic caused by congestion
  • Fire emergency: fire linkage, swing open automatically in case of emergency
  • The appearance can be customized.

Technical Parameters

  • Shell material: SUS304 stainless steel
  • Production process: full CNC laser cutting machine production
  • Swing arm transmission angle: 180 degrees
  • Working voltage: AC220 ±10% V/50 ±10% HZ
  • Motor: brushed DC motor (24V)
  • Input interface: dry contact signal or 12V level signal or 12V pulse signal with pulse width ≥100ms, drive current ≥10mA
  • Communication interface: RS485 standard, distance ≤1200 meters
  • LED indicator: 2 and Card reading window: 2
  • Passing speed: 40 people/minute (normally open), 25-30 people/minute (normally closed)
  • Gate opening and closing time: 1-2 seconds
  • The time required for passage into the state after power: 3 secondsAutomatic reset time after failure: 10 seconds
  • Temperature: -10℃— 50℃ Relative humidity: ≤90%, non-condensing

Scope of application

Quarters, factories, railway stations, docks, tourist attractions, import and export channel management

Ticket inspection channel management for exhibitions, swimming pools, etc.

Import and export attendance, access control, consumption management of enterprises and institutions

Special control channel

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