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Access Control and Attendance Machine Price in Bangladesh

Best Fingerprint Access Control & Time Attendance System in BD

True to its name, the TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA is equipped with the most advanced biometric technology. The fingerprint access control system area also includes a time attendance system.

Access control is essential for any organization due to security and growing demand. The Access Control’s main purpose is to protect human, IP, and physical assets. This means that unauthorized persons cannot access pre-defined areas. Anviz offers an adaptable, modular, scalable, and feature-rich Access Control Solution to meet this need. This Access Control solution is flexible enough to suit any organization’s access control requirements, regardless of size, location, layout, or timing.

The biggest challenge when it comes to porting applications onto smartphones is to do it in a manner that is user-friendly. Although smartphones are powerful enough each and every user wants to be able to use the applications in a faster and more user-friendly manner. Hence, there are some apps that are being developed with a user-friendly user interface which makes it easy for the users to use the apps. Since there is no control on the web, the fingerprint access control provides the users with a safer and secure option to access the applications.

Access Control & Time Attendance Supplier in Bangladesh, TRIMATRIK
Access Control & Time Attendance Supplier in Bangladesh


Time attendance is an important part of the daily life of any organization. Whether it is a school, a factory, an office or a hospital, the presence of a time attendance system is inevitable. So, how can a time attendance system help, what are the benefits?

Organizations can lose time and money by having to estimate and manually mark attendance. Hidden costs such as buddy punching and human errors can have a direct effect on an organization’s productivity. Because of differences in attendance policies, it can be challenging to automate time attendance data. For any company to increase productivity, it is vital to have fully automated time attendance software.

In recent years, time attendance features have been deployed to many countries throughout the world. Bangladesh is one of the countries that are using a time attendance system in their workforce. Time attendance is a means of recording and reporting people’s presence at the site or at a particular time. The time attendance system is very helpful in many professions including the public sector and the private sector where people are required to work at fixed times. So the time attendance system can be used in a large number of public sector organizations as well as in the private sector.

ZKTeco Time Attendance System records attendance data and generates reports to assist with further action. This software saves time and allows HR to centrally manage attendance policies across multiple locations. Automatic overtime and leave balance calculation allow managers to work more efficiently. You can use it in a network-based or standalone manner. It is ideal for schools, hospitals, and government institutions, banks, remote sites, and hotels, as well as small and large enterprises. HR can use the employee attendance management software for managing employee reviews, appraisals, monthly salary calculation, and employee review.

Face detection Attendance Machine price in Bangladesh

A face detection attendance machine is capable of recognizing the faces of regular employees and logging them into the system using the employees’ biometrics. It is the most common surveillance system in use all over the world at present.

Face detection Attendance Machine price in Bangladesh:

  • ZKTeco uFace800 = 22,500
  • ZKTeco uFace402 =24,500
  • ZKTeco MB560-VL = 16,500
  • Virdi AC7000 = 62,000
  • Anviz FacePass7 = 27,000

TrueFacet is a corporate attendance monitoring software that can help companies track the attendance of their employees, manage the attendance of their employees in a more efficient way, and more. This system helps to keep track of the right people and track the wrong ones, saving time and money.

As the technology for face recognition software has evolved, so have the number of companies that offer face recognition software, and more than a few of these companies have released their products in Bangladesh.