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Hundure Technologies was founded in Taiwan in 1989. It has been a leading company in access control design and manufacturing for many years. Hundure strives to be a leader in its area of expertise and is committed to providing products and services that are of the highest quality. SGS ISO9001 2015 Revision Quality Management Systems has certified Hundure‘s factory, which demonstrates its priority in operation. It has enjoyed a great reputation from customers around the globe, as it follows the principle of “Quality comes first with Service following next”.
Hundure has a strong R&D department and is focused on key markets. It leverages its technological leadership to meet increasing demand for access control products. Hundure has created a variety of security management products including time attendance management, access control, elevator management, parking lot management, patrol management and patrol management. Hundure will bring to market a full range of access control products and provide its customers with the best product designs and manufacturing services.

Hundure is looking into the future and will use its security expertise to continue developing state-of the-art technologies for multiple applications. Hundure‘s confidence in its status as the “Pioneer for the era” and an innovator for the future is driving continuous growth and prosperity.

The Hundure RAC-960PE is a time attendance access control system that allows users to track the attendance of their employees, remotely. This is a popular option for factories and other businesses that need to keep track of the number of hours employees spend at work. Without this option, companies are missing out on a valuable employee resource.

Hundure RAC-960PEF Price in BD
Hundure RAC-960PEF Price in BD

Brand Story

HUNDURE, originates ‘hundred” and “secure”, indicates we aim to create “one hundred percent of secure access”. With 30 years’ insistence and passion on developing ideal products in maximum function and quality, Hundure, the name speaks for superiority and excellence. Our brand vision is “Let you stay safe anytime, anywhere”, which delivers the value created by gradually accelerating the value transformation process through customers’ feedback on their use of our products. Hundure has been making its name as a finest provider of security solutions.

Core Value

The value we offer is just more than access control.


Let you stay safe anytime, anywhere.


Be a pioneer of era and an innovator for the future.

Non-Conflict Minerals Policy

As a good corporate citizen and in taking a stand on corporate social responsibility and respect for international human rights, HUNDURE hereby wishes to make the following statement with regard to conflict minerals. This refers to minerals which are sourced from areas of armed conflict, illegal mines and poor mining environments.

HUNDURE will take steps to avoid using conflict minerals in its products and request that all suppliers should investigate whether any Gold (Au), Tantalum (Ta), Tin (Sn), Tungsten (W) and other metallic materials in their products are sourced from mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo. If thought necessary, HUNDURE will require suppliers to provide the survey information. HUNDURE will continue to monitor this issue of conflict minerals in order to improve these mineral sourcing issues.

Corporation / Factory Solutions

Hundure solution provides high security for your factory/office with multiple authorizations and easy integration

All corporations, factories and chain stores need to manage their employees’ time and security. We work closely with business owners and security managers to ensure that they meet all their requirements to protect their employees, property, inventory, visitors, facilities, or inventory. Managers and employees have different access rights to the building. All employees’ presence can be managed easily.

We offer finger vein and fingerprint solutions to prevent “buddy clocking”. These solutions can be used to address the needs of large factories that have many workers who are on the job at once. Access control and time attendance features are combined to simplify the system and reduce costs.

We offer centralized management solutions for branch offices and chain stores in different cities. This makes attendance management easier.

A Time Attendance Recorder Makes Employee’s Dining Management Simple And Easy!!

P company employs 400 people and is a well-known passive component manufacturer. It takes employees about 15 minutes to get to the nearest restaurant from its factory, which is located in an industrial park. The company provides lunch to employees in order to give them more time to rest and provide a balanced diet. The company will only charge half the price per person for a meal ordered before 9 a.m. and take the cost off their monthly salary. Employees who order lunch in advance can’t get a discount. They must pay the full price of the meal and deduct the costs from their monthly salary. The company’s finance department can also calculate their wages using their dining records. This system will need to check who ordered the meal and who didn’t. Employees’ dining management should include a time attendance recorder that can track multiple shift shift schedules. You can define the duty shift schedules as meal types such as vegetarian, meat diet, or noodle set. The time attendance recorder can also check if the employee ordered the meals using a swipe card.

Project Requirements

Two devices need to be installed for this project
– One device needs to provide the function key settings that are able to include all meal types which can satisfy the employees’ different needs in dining. The device also needs to record the employees’ dining date and meals.
– Another device needs to check if this employee has ordered the meal or not when they pick up their meal by swiping their employee card.

– The client needed software to collect all employees’ meal ordering records before 9:00 a.m. every morning and automatically send the daily consolidated meal ordering reports to restaurant. Daily meal ordering records can be also automatically uploaded to the payroll system.

Function Descriptions

– Self-defining meal type item functions: Modified the duty shift schedules of HAMS to fit the meal type items. There are approximately 100 numbers can be used to set the meal items. For example, press “F1” means meat diet, press “F2” means noodle set and press “F3” means vegetarian food.

– Meal ordering functions: Employees can order their meals before 9:00 a.m. by swiping their employees’ card and pressing function keys. e.g. if an employee would like to order vegetarian food for lunch. He needs to press “F3” function key and then swipe his employee card. The illustration of system flow is as below.

– Auto-send meal orders by email functions: The system doesn’t accept the employee orders his meal after 9:00 a.m. The daily meal orders are automatically emailed to the restaurant at 9:00 a.m.

– Dining management: Before receiving his lunch, employee must swipe his employee card to prove if he has ordered his lunch in advance. If he didn’t order his lunch, the indicator will turn red when he swipes his employee card. He has to pay for lunch by cash.

– Auto-generate daily reports: The system can automatically generate daily meal ordering records and upload the records to payroll system every day.

– Collect records: Every employee’s meal is recorded. All records can be exported as text files. This is easy for staffs to understand the required meals by employees, and to adjust and improve the dining management.

– Record inquiry: The staff can search for employee’s dining record by date, employee no., name, card no. and department. The search result can be exported as Excel file.

Hundure HAMS-20 Software

  • Modular designs software, suit for different application
  • Using Object-Oriented Programming, expedites client software development time
  • Multi-language support
  • Wide selections of communication interface and parameter setting
  • Access Control Management System
  • Schedule Setup
  • Elevator Management
  • Parking Management
  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Patrol Management


  • Modular designs software, suit for different application.
  • This system is modular designs which integrate Access Control, Elevator and Parking controller in a single platform and a centralized database to management. It provides flexible expansion for current and future application.
  • Multi-functions, easy operation and completed program.
  • Using Object-Oriented Programming, provide a fastest customize designing power
  • Develop by Visual Studio .NET C# and provide flexible customize ability
  • Satisfied different customers demands
  • Special modular design, support 3rd party to put their programs in the software
  • Access database, easy and quick installation. Support different database format developed.
  • Multi-language support
  • Use XML as a multi language switching data format to provide a customized development and design tool
  • Provide multi-language tool, shorten compose time
  • Provide flexible wording which base on different countries’ demand.
  • Wide selections of communication interface and parameter setting
  • Support communication via RS-232, RS-485 or TCP/IP.
  • Synchronization function and parameter settings
  • Anti-passback setting
  • Conditional unlock door function.
  • Able to set retrieve code length and index
  • Read tamper proof alarm
  • Able set maximum attempts to trigger re-swipe card alarm. The controller time-out function will avoid intrusion and has self security.
  • Access Control Management System
  • Cardholder information management, with photo capture and query
  • Cardholder authorization setting allows users to easily set access authorization by door group
  • User-defined card number, access authorization and card validity
  • Anti-passback setting
  • Holiday setting
  • Provide 128 time schedule and 200 holiday schedules per year
  • Download all or download modification selection, high efficiency
  • Allows to set fixed holiday dates
  • Settable Mifare keys to all Mifare readers at a time
  • Provides time calibration for access controllers or time attendance
    recorders according to different time zones
  • Event monitor and alarm event report
  • Access records query and report generation
  • Elevator Management
  • Maximum attempts to trigger re-swipe card alarm, in order to avoid intrusion..
  • Able set maximum attempts to trigger re-swipe card alarm
  • Visitor mode is able save authorization in the Mifare card which can increase cardholder amount.
  • Configurable accessible floor and time
  • Elevator access records query and report generation
  • Parking Management
  • Anti-passback setting, avoid duplicate enter by a card.
  • Diversified time schedules for parking control
  • Car access records query and report generation
  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Able to set employee time attendance are recorded or not
  • Friendly operation and quickly shift setup
  • User-defined work hours, work schedules, work shifts etc…
  • Employee’s time & attendance query and report generation
  • Patrol Management
  • Anti-passback setting, avoid duplicate enter by a card.
  • Diversified time schedules for parking control
  • Car access records query and report generation


Supported OSWindows 10 Home/Pro。
Database RequirementMicrosoft Access 2003
CPU RequirementIntel Core i3 or above,Multi Core Processor
Memory Requirement4G or above。
HD512G or above。
Network10/100/1000M RJ-45
Support LanguageTraditional Chinese/English/Simplified Chinese
Software FunctionAccess Control/Elevator Control/Parking Control/Time & Attendance/Patrol

Hundure Access Control Price in Bangladesh

Hundure Access Control Price in Bangladesh
Hundure Access Control Price in Bangladesh

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