Intelligent disinfection door

This product has many significant advantages, the use of plasma, ultraviolet, light wave disinfection, 720 ° sterilization and sterilization process, atomization nozzle densely covered door frame inside, matrix type no dead end of the whole body disinfection, can be disinfected and sterilized on all parts of the body, humanized design, reasonable layout, will not cause discomfort to the respiratory tract and other organs. At the same time, human body temperature alarms and thermal imaging temperature detectors can be added to detect the body temperature of personnel, and the disinfection solvent adopts food grade to carry out non-contact disinfection of personnel and items.

Advantages of intelligent atomization disinfection door products

  • Food-grade disinfection, safe and effective, non-contact disinfection
  • Matrix full body disinfection without dead ends
  • The design is humane, the layout is reasonable, and it will not cause discomfort to the respiratory tract and other organs
  • Overall stainless steel material, corrosion resistance deformation, light can be moved
  • Plasma, ultraviolet, light wave disinfection multiple disinfection, disinfection*
  • 220v mains, easy to switch, simple operation, economic and environmental protection
  • Human body temperature alarm and thermal imaging temperature detector can be added to detect the temperature of personnel



Intelligent disinfection door in bangladesh

Parameter name800MM channelSupport customization
Size1200*800*2200mmSupport customization
Atomization conversion amountAtomization conversion amount double-sided spray 5 kg/h
Disinfectant volume20L (support customization)
Disinfection mixing ratioPurified water or tap water mixed with qualified medical disinfectant, hypochlorous acid and other qualified disinfectants, the mixing ratio is purified water dilution.
Spray methodAll are ultrasonic atomized sprays
There are 2 types of spray control methodsContinuous spray disinfection and infrared sensing, people in front of the door automatically start, leave off.
Spray timeThe relay can be adjusted for 1-60 seconds of spray, 5-15 seconds is the best
Product disinfection functionUltraviolet disinfection, light wave atomization disinfection, nano ozone disinfection can be added to the hand automatic disinfection
Full working hours10-15 hours
Work environmentIndoors and outdoors should be protected from direct light and reflection, avoiding rain. The ambient temperature of the temperature measurement system is between 10-43 degrees
Product voltageThe product voltage is 50-60Hz, 220V; the voltage in different countries needs to be customized
Primary materialHigh quality 304 stainless steel (material can be customized)
Place of useHospitals, schools, stations, airports, enterprises and institutions, hotels, entertainment venues, public transportation, etc
Intelligent disinfection door in bangladesh
Intelligent disinfection door in bangladesh


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