Vertical Three Roller Brake – Tripod Turnstile Gate in Uttara-Dhaka

৳ 95,000.00

Vertical three roller brake Compact and cost-effective entrance solution.

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Vertical three roller brake in Bangladesh

A tripod turnstile gate is an important security equipment used in airports and other secured areas. It is also known as a bollard gate, turnstile gate, or a revolving door. The tripod turnstile gate is a movable barrier that requires two people to open it. It is installed at the entrance of a secured area, such as an airport or military base, and is used to control the flow of people into and out of the area.

  • Unique positioning and reset system, automatic reset, can always keep one of its rods in a horizontal position
  • It is a pure mechanical transmission product with simple structure and high reliability;
  • No maintenance is required, and it is suitable for places with one-way current limiting management.
Vertical three roller brake in Bangladesh.
Vertical three roller brake in Bangladesh.

Technical Parameters:

  • Shell material: SUS304 stainless steel
  • Maximum bearing capacity of brake lever: 80Kg.
  • Specification size: length 420 × width 330 × height 980 (mm).
  • Stroke length/thickness: 500 (mm)/Φ38 stainless steel tube.
  • Shell processing technology: laser, bending, cutting, welding, polishing, grinding and other processes are used for production.
  • Working environment: indoor and outdoor

Vertical three roller brake in bangladesh

Tripod Turnstile Gate in Uttara-Dhaka 2024

The Tripod Turnstile Gate is a popular security measure used at many public places such as airports and railway stations. This gate is typically made up of a tripod base with a turnstile for people to enter or leave. The gate is easy to set up and can be quickly changed depending on the needs of the site.

Tripod Turnstile Gate in Uttara-Dhaka – The Tripod Turnstile Gate, also known as a security gate, is a type of security checkpoint that uses a tripod to hold up the gate. Tripod turnstile gates are used in airports, shopping malls, and other locations where security is important. They are also used in schools and other places where children may be present. Tripod Turnstile Gate Supplier is ESTALLBD.COM; We are importer of Tripod Turnstile Gate in Bangladesh

Automatic Tripod Turnstile Gate System Price in Bangladesh (BD) for June, 2024

Price:৳ 95,000.00
Latest Update on:13/June/2024
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Item:Tripod Turnstile Gate
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