Vertical Type swing gate

The appearance of the equipment adopts stainless steel plate cold press bending technology, no gap welding, beautiful appearance, rust-proof and durable. The Vertical Type swing gate automatically open the gate when power off and automatically closes when power on.



Vertical Type swing gate in Bangladesh.

Channel width: 600 mm

Material: SS304 stainless steel

Material thickness: 1.2 mm

Motor: DC 24V

Channel direction: unidirectional / bidirectional

Pass rate: 30-40 people/minute

Use: ≥3 million times


Opening method: ID / IC card, infrared sensor, exit button, etc.

Customized functions: face recognition, fingerprint, QR code, manual button, remote door opening

Working environment: indoor and outdoor (with rain shed)

##Best Vertical Type swing gate in Bangladesh.


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