Smart channel gate ST-002

Speedway gate is a new type of high-end Speedway gate product with more beautiful appearance and high brightness LED light flow direction guide. It can be self detected and easy to operate and maintain. It can be integrated with ID / IC, bar code, fingerprint, face, iris and other access control systems. It is suitable for commercial and management office buildings, ministries, public buildings, banks and financial institutions, airports, etc Industrial facilities, schools, colleges and universities.



Smart channel gate ST-002 in Bangladesh.

1) Movement main control board: Industrial 32-bit ARM chip, leading in the industry, fast response speed, greatly improved processing capacity

2) Clutch device: electromagnetic clutch device

3) Transfer angle: through the angle encoder angle detection and control, accurate to less than 1 degree

4) Movement mode: after swiping the card, swing the arm to open and prompt the pedestrian to pass. After passing, swing the arm to close automatically

5) Anti reversal: anti reversal: after swiping the card, pedestrians are only allowed to move in one direction; if they pass in the opposite direction, an alarm will be issued, and the swing arm will close quickly in some cases

6) Forced entry: when the swing arm is not opened, if forced entry occurs, the swing arm will be locked immediately after a certain angle of rotation is buffered

7) Speed adjustment: the speed can be adjusted according to the requirements of different places, with internal adjustment switch

8) Fire protection mode: after power failure, the swing arm of the product is opened to form an open channel

9) Counting function: accurate counting, thanks to the use of angle encoder

10) Infrared detection: use 8 pairs of infrared to detect and judge various moving states (8-12 pairs of infrared can be selected)

Smart channel gate ST-002 in Bangladesh.

11) Automatic reset: if the gate does not pass the gate within the set time, the gate will automatically cancel the authority and return to the initial state

12) Noise: almost no noise

13) Power module: output: DC24 V; using a new power module, the output voltage will not change due to the change of input power, stable and reliable

14) Motor: DC24 V 30W

15) Compatibility: with personalized installation interface, compatible with IC, ID card and other smart cards, it can be extended to automatic identity recognition system to achieve access control, attendance, charging and other functions, and can be used with other types of channel products

16) Others: waterproof, sunscreen, cold resistant, high temperature resistant



Material:Thickness 2.0mm SUS304

Arm material:10mm transparent acrylic

Pass Width:600mm

Passage direction:Single directional/Bi-directional

Pass rate:30-35 persons/minute

Operating time:0.2 seconds

Power input:AC100-240V,50/60HZ

Working voltage:24V

Working humidity:30%~95%

Working temperature:-40℃~+70℃

Working environment:Indoor

Communication interface:RS485, Dry contact

Mechanism:Standard speed gate machine core+Dunkermotoren

Infrared sensor:6 pairs

MCBF:5,000,000 Cycles

Application:Airports, Hotels, Governemnt Halls, etc

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