Dahua ISC-D206 6 Zone Walk-through Metal Detector

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Walk-through Metal Detector

> Two sets of high-brightness red-green LEDs
> Count the numbers of passes and alarms respectively
> Multi-zone simultaneous detection and alarm
> Zone sensitivity adjustable from 0 to 200
> Security degree adjustable from 1 to 20
> 50 working frequencies selectable
> Alarm sound volume adjustable; support mute mode
> Multiple alarm sound durations selectable
> Multiple start-stop modes for IR
> Support password protection

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Dahua ISC-D206 6 Zone Walk-through Metal Detector in Bangladesh

The Dahua ISC-D206 6 Zone Walk-through Metal Detector is a highly reliable and accurate metal detector that provides optimal security protection in any environment. It is designed to detect a wide range of metal objects, from small coins to guns, knives and other dangerous items. The device is equipped with 6 independent detection zones that can be adjusted in sensitivity for more accurate detection. It also features an audible alarm for when it detects metal objects, and a visual alarm for when it detects weapons. Additionally, the device has an integrated reject tray, making it easy to dispose of any detected items. The Dahua ISC-D206 6 Zone Walk-through Metal Detector is the ideal choice for businesses, schools, airports, and other sensitive areas that require an extra layer of security.

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Dahua ISC-D206 6 Zone Walk-through Metal Detector in Bangladesh
Dahua ISC-D206 6 Zone Walk-through Metal Detector in Bangladesh

What is a Walk through metal Detector?

A walk through metal detector is an electronic security device used to detect the presence of metal objects in people’s possession. The device works by utilizing an electromagnetic field to detect any metal objects, such as weapons, coins, keys, and jewelry. The primary purpose of a walk through metal detector is to provide a secure environment in public areas, such as airports, government buildings, and corporate offices. It is designed to help prevent the entry of dangerous or illegal items into the premises. Walk through metal detectors are also used in sports stadiums and other venues to ensure the safety of spectators and to prevent the entry of prohibited items. The device is highly reliable, accurate, and easy to use, and is an essential part of any security system.

How do you go through a metal detector at the airport?

When going through a metal detector at the airport, it is important to adhere to security protocols in order to ensure a safe and secure flight for all passengers. Before entering the metal detector, passengers should remove any items from their pockets, take off their shoes, and remove any metal objects from their body or clothing including jewelry and belt buckles. After passing through the metal detector, passengers should be prepared to have any carry-on items scanned before they continue on to their final destination. It is important to follow these guidelines as any objects that cause the metal detector to sound could be confiscated and may lead to further security checks. By adhering to these protocols, passengers can ensure a safe and secure journey.

ISC-D206 6 Zone  Metal Detector specification:

Overall Exterior Size2171 mm × 851 mm × 474 mm (85.5“ × 33.5” × 18.7“)
Passageway Interior Size1967 mm × 695 mm × 368 mm (77.4″ × 27.4″ × 14.5″)
Packing Size2409 mm × 868 mm × 303.5 mm (94.8″ × 34.2″ × 11.9″)
Net Weight38 kg (83.8 lb)
Gross Weight55 kg (121.3 lb)
Operating Voltage90V–240V AC 50/60Hz
Max Power Consumption13 W
Standby Power Consumption12 W
Operating Temperature–20°C to +65°C (–4°F to +149°F)
Operating Humidity0%–95%
Storage Temperature–20°C to +70°C (–4°F to +158°F)
Storage Humidity0%–90% RH
Working Frequency1–50 frequency ranges (5000-8999Hz)
With Remote ControlYes

IEC 60068-2-1

IEC 60068-2-2

CE-LVD: EN62368-1

CE-EMC: Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU

FCC: 47 CFR FCC Part 15, Subpart B

ISC-D206 6 Zone Price in Bangladesh (BD) for May, 2024

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Item:Walk-through Metal Detector
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