Ahuja AWM-630VG Wireless Table Microphones

  • Ahuja introduces an elegant reliable VHF Wireless Desktop Microphone model AWM-630VG. Suitable for use on Podiums, for Conferences general PA applications.
  • Stylish rugged high band VHF wireless desktop microphone receiver available in six different frequencies.
  • Condenser unidirectional microphone has a sleek gooseneck with ring LED indicator.
  • Microphone has a push-type ON/OFF switch.
  • Microphone operates with 2×1.5V UM-3 pencil cells.
  • Receiver operates on 9V DC through an AC adaptor, supplied along with.
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Ahuja AWM-630VG Wireless Table Microphones in Bangladesh

The Ahuja AWM-630VG Wireless Table Microphones are a set of professional-grade wireless microphones ideal for conference rooms, meeting halls, and similar environments. This system includes a transmitter unit and multiple tabletop microphone units, offering convenient wireless communication without any wires or cables.

The AWM-630VG system operates on VHF frequency modulation, providing excellent sound quality and stability. It has a range of up to 30 meters, allowing for flexible placement of the tabletop microphones within a room. The system also features a built-in noise reduction system to minimize interference and background noise, ensuring clear and crisp audio transmission.

The tabletop microphones in the AWM-630VG system are sleek and unobtrusive, designed to sit comfortably on conference tables or meeting room surfaces. Each microphone unit has a cardioid polar pattern, which effectively captures sound from a specific direction while rejecting noise from other angles. This helps to focus on the desired speaker and enhance vocal clarity.

The system is user-friendly, with an easy setup process and intuitive controls. Each microphone unit has its own power switch and volume control, allowing users to adjust individual microphone levels as needed. The transmitter unit can be conveniently placed near the sound system or mixer, and it features adjustable volume and mute controls for added flexibility.

The Ahuja AWM-630VG Wireless Table Microphones are a reliable choice for any professional setting that requires wireless tabletop microphones for effective communication. With their high-quality sound, stable performance, and user-friendly design, they are an excellent solution for conferences, meetings, seminars, and similar applications.

Ahuja AWM-630VG Wireless Table Microphones Specs:

TypeWireless Desktop Microphone
RF Output Power10mW (Max.)
Modulation ModeFM
Microphone ElementCondenser, Cardioid
Frequency Response100-12,000Hz
Power Requirement2×1.5V Pencil Cells
Current Consumption<40mA
ControlsON/OFF Switch
IndicationRed Ring LED in the gooseneck
DimensionsW145×H50×D155 mm
Weight660g (without battery)
Frequency Stability± 0.005%
Audio Output0-50mV adjustable
S/N Ratio>90dB
Antenna TypeTelescopic
Power Requirement220V-240V AC 50Hz for AC adaptor (supplied along with)
ControlsPower Switch, Output Volume Control
IndicationRed LED for Power ON, Green & Red LEDs for Signal
DimensionsW152×H40×D110 mm
Shipping Weight1.250KG
Shipping DimensionsW46xH12xD15


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