ZKTeco K40 Price in BD

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ZKTeco K40 is a biometric fingerprint reader with a sleek design and a high-quality fingerprint sensor. The device features high-speed and high-precision processing for fast, accurate fingerprint identification. The user-friendly UI of the ZKTeco K40 enables the user to explore & apply different access control algorithms. The device can be used in access control application and also supports external bell and the timer function.

  • TCP/IP, USB-host
  • Built-in battery (2000mAh Battery Backup)
  • Simple access control or external bell
  • Multi languages
  • SSR report in excel forms
  • Supports WDMS

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ZKTeco K40 Best Fingerprint Attendance Terminal

K40 is a 2.8 inch TFT screen Time Attendance & Simple Access Control Terminal. It has an interface for third-party electric lock and exit buttons. TCP/IP and USB Host make data management extremely easy. Time Attendance Terminal in BD, Most importantly, the built-in backup battery can eliminate the trouble of power failure. with an elegant appearance and reliable quality, you can get the best from it. ZKTeco K40 Best Price in Bangladesh

ZKTeco K40 Price in BD
ZKTeco K40 Price in BD, ZKTeco K40, K40 bd, ZK BD

Technical Specification

  • Fingerprint Capacity: 1000 (2000 without SSR )
  • ID Card Capacity: 1000 (Optional)
  • Record Capacity: 80,000
  • Display: 2.8-inch TFT Screen
  • Communication: TCP/IP, USB Host
  • Standard Functions: WDMS,Web Server, SMS, Automatic Status Switch,Self-Service Query, Work Code, T9 input, 9 Digits User ID, DST, Schedule Bell
  • Optional Functions: ID/Mifare
  • Software: ZKTime.net 3.0
  • Power Supply: DC 12V 1.5A
  • Verification Speed: ≤0.5 sec
  • Operating Temp.: 0 °C- 45 °C
  • Operating Humidity: 20%-80%
  • Dimension: 184 × 136 × 37.6 (Length × Width × Thickness)
ZKTeco K40, Time Attendance Terminal in BD
ZKTeco K40

ZKTeco K40 Fingerprint Time Attendance & Access Control Terminal

ZKTeco K40 Best Price in Bangladesh

Brand: ZKTeco
Model: K40
Price: ৳ 6,800
Warranty: One Year
Hotline: 01785-777722
Contact No: 01789-636363
ZKTeco K40 bd Price
ZKTeco K40 Bangladesh, ZKTeco K40 Price in Bangladesh

Time Attendance Terminal in BD

In today’s world, time is precious.Time management is one of the most important skills of any professional. Now, An effective time management system will help you manage tasks and busy schedules. However, it is impossible to do it all by yourself. That’s why, we need the help of a time attendance Machine system, which is designed to capture and maintain all the necessary information of your employee & they’re in time & Out Time.

Flexible user privilege settings & TCP/IP. USB host & Buitl-in battery. Simple access control or external bell. SSR report in excel forms & Supports WDMS.

Fingerprint readers are great for log-ins, but the best way to be sure who’s coming and going is to pair it with some kind of video. That’s why the ZKTeco new model fingerprint reader has a color camera built right in. So, when you press your finger to the sensor, the camera’s lens snaps a photo—and the sensor’s built-in LED lights flash red, green, or yellow to let you know how secure your identity is.

ZKTeco Fingerprint Attendance Machine

About this time of year, many of us start thinking about modifying our work schedules for the upcoming holiday season. In order to make this transition easier, we could consider using a fingerprint time attendance device. This type of device is most commonly used in the field of time attendance and is often used at large companies where the employees work in shifts.

A fingerprint time attendance device can be used at a variety of different locations. This can be in the supermarket, the pharmacy, the company kitchen, or anywhere else where employees may be needed. There are several different models of fingerprint time attendance devices, each designed for a specific purpose. Some models are more expensive than others, but they all have the same basic features. These devices are designed to be extremely user-friendly.

ZKTeco Biometric Access Control Systems Bangladesh

ZKTeco, one of the most prominent access control system companies in Bangladesh, designs, develops and manufactures intelligent access control systems. Our products are currently being supplied to over 500 companies in more than 100 countries.

ZKTeco is a biometric fingerprint reader that allows for access control applications. The ZKTeco terminal offers unparalleled performance thanks to an advanced algorithm that ensures reliability, precision, speed, and high matching speeds. ZKTeco Terminal has the fastest commercially-based fingerprint matching algorithm. It also features a ZK high-performance infrared fingerprint sensor that detects high-quality images.

The device can be used standalone or in conjunction with third-party access control panels. Standard Wiegand signal. The TFT-LCD color display can perform all operations. It will display the fingerprint image. This will help the user place the finger correctly and increase the recognition rate. The device can also be used in other networks using Public IP or Cloud API.

What is a time attendance machine?

Time attendance systems are used to track when employees start or stop working. Employers can monitor their employees’ working hours, late arrivals, early departures, and time taken for breaks.

Time and attendance systems (TNA), are used for tracking and monitoring when employees start and stop working. An employer can track their employee’s work hours, late arrivals early departs, breaks taken, absenteeism, and working hours.

To mark employees’ attendance, an Attendance Machine for offices is needed. Attendance punching machines automate the attendance process in an organization and help to save time and money.

We are the largest supplier and distributor of attendance punching machines for Bangladesh. We are authorized dealers and distributors of Attendance & Access Control machines in Bangladesh.

It is essential to have attendance machines in offices. They are essential for better management of employees. It is possible to automate the process of monitoring employee salary. With attendance machines, this can be achieved. Attendance machines make it easier to evaluate punch time and when the person leaves or comes into the office. You can easily calculate overtime.

We have the best attendance machine Brands in Bangladesh. Our attendance machine is finger-based. Get your biometric attendance system and timer now for your institution. The best attendance system is available for you. For employees’ attendance, get the biometric device. The biometric thumb impression device gives employees the right in/out times.

How does an attendance machine work?

Biometric systems use the fingerprints of employees to verify identity. Once the employee’s fingerprint is scanned, its intersections and endpoints are matched to the database record and access is granted.

ZKteco K50A Bangladesh, ZKteco K50A Price in Bangladesh

BIOmetric systems scan the fingerprints to verify the employee’s identity when they clock in and out. The employee’s fingerprint is scanned and the intersections and ends of the fingerprint are matched against the database record.

What is the attendance punching machine?

Biometric attendance machines have a huge advantage over regular RFID machines. They can be accessed with the thumb/finger and they can punch them at the right time. The machine displays the employee’s name and id, verifies the punch, and thanks to the recipient.

An Attendance Machine for Offices can be used to record employees’ attendance. Automating attendance processes in an organization can save time and money.

We are the largest supplier of attendance punching machines in Bangladesh. We are an authorized dealer and distributor of attendance & access control machines.

Office attendance machines are essential. They allow for better employee management. Automated monitoring of employee salaries can be achieved. Attendance machines can help with this. Attendance machines allow for a better evaluation of punch times when someone is arriving and leaving the office. It is easy to calculate overtime.

We are the most trusted brand in attendance machines in Bangladesh. For attendance, we have a finger-based device. For your institution, get the biometric attendance and time system. We offer the best attendance control system, specifically designed for you. The biometric machine is used to verify attendance. The biometric thumb impression machine provides accurate in-and-out time for employees.

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