Zeta Conventional Fire Alarm Bell

– Low current

– Universally accepted fire evacuation signal

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Zeta Conventional Fire Alarm Bell in Bangladesh

  • Brand : ZETA
  • Model : ZTB6B
  • Country of Origin: UK
Zeta Conventional Fire Alarm Bell
Zeta Conventional Fire Alarm Bell in Bangladesh

Description :   

The Zeta motorized fire alarm bells combine styling and functional efficiency. They incorporate a low power rotary centrifugal mechanism, which gives a high sound output with low current consumption at 24V dc.

The bells are available in 2 sizes; 6″ (152mm) and 8″ (203mm). These sizes suit a wide variety of installations.

There is a 230V ac version of the 6″ bell, and a 24V dc Weatherproof version of the 8″ bell. 

Technical Specifications:      

Part No.41-00341-00441-00541-006
Supply Voltage18-30V dc200-250V AC18-30V dc
Diameter6″ (152mm)8″ (203mm)
Quiescent Current25mA28mA
Nominal Output @ 1M95dB(A)97dB(A)
Dimensions152 x 152 x 55mm203 x 203 x 55mm


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