TOA A-2240 240Watt Mixer Power Amplifier

৳ 55,000.00

The A-2240 is a high cost-performance mixer power amplifier suited for broadcasting paging or background music in schools, offices, shops, factories, mosques, churches and large rooms.

  • 240 W rated output
  • User-friendly front panel allows easy operation
  • Excellent frequency response
  • 3 electronically balanced microphone inputs, 2 AUX inputs and recording output
  • Phantom power is provided to MIC 1, for supplying power to a condenser microphone

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TOA A-2240 240Watt Mixer Power Amplifier in Bangladesh

The TOA A-2240 is a 240-watt mixer power amplifier that is known for its high performance, versatility, and reliability. It is a popular choice for a variety of applications, including broadcasting paging or background music in large venues, public address systems, and home theater systems.

Key features of the TOA A-2240:

  • 240-watt output power
  • 3 balanced microphone inputs with phantom power
  • 3 AUX inputs for CD player, tuner, or other audio sources
  • 70V/100V line or 4Ω speaker outputs
  • Wide tone-control adjustment range of ±12dB for both bass and treble
  • DSP effects (EQ, reverb, delay)
  • Remote control input
  • Rack mountable design

Benefits of using the TOA A-2240:

  • High performance for large venues
  • Versatile connectivity for a variety of applications
  • Reliable performance for critical applications
  • Wide range of DSP effects for enhanced sound quality
  • Rack mountable design for easy installation

Applications for the TOA A-2240:

  • Broadcasting paging or background music in large venues, such as schools, offices, factories, mosques, churches, and sports arenas
  • Public address systems
  • Home theater systems
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Hospitals

Where to buy the TOA A-2240 in Bangladesh:

The TOA A-2240 is available from a variety of authorized dealers in Bangladesh. You can also find it online at a number of reputable retailers.

What is the TOA A-2240 Price in BD?

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