Telescopic hydraulic lifting column

Telescopic hydraulic lifting column



Telescopic hydraulic lifting column in Bangladesh.


  • It can be used normally after the impact of a vehicle carrying 8 tons
  • It can be used normally after it withstands the passage of 100 tons of vehicles
  • Good water resistance, it can still be used normally when immersed in water
  • The structure is sturdy and durable, the load is large, the action is stable, and the noise is low
  • Adopt single-chip microcomputer control, stable and reliable system operation performance, easy to integrate
  • The lifting column can be combined with other equipment such as barriers for linkage control, or it can be combined with other equipment to achieve automatic control
  • In the event of a power failure or failure, such as when the lifting column is in a raised state, it needs to be lowered, and the column can be lowered to the ground level through the control box button
  • Using 5CM wide reflective film, the reflectivity can reach more than 90%
  • Adopting the international leading hydraulic drive technology, the whole system is safe, reliable and stable
  • Remote control device: through wireless remote control, within 30 meters of the controller (depending on the radio communication environment on site), the lifting and lowering of road piles can be remotely controlled.
  • Panel flange thickness 10MM, column top flange thickness 10MM
  • Accept non-standard customization
Telescopic hydraulic lifting column in Bangladesh.
Telescopic hydraulic lifting column in Bangladesh.

Technical Parameters

System controlElectric hydraulic
Power supply220V(Optional :24V/36V)
Material304 stainless steel
Cylinder thickness6MM
Lift height600MM
Stainless steel main cylinder diameter219MM
Diameter of stainless steel auxiliary cylinder168MM
Waterproof and dustproof gradeIP68
Ascent speed4S
Descent speed2S
Embedded height826MM
Through pressure100 tons of container trucks can pass
Anti-collision levelK6 (equivalent to a 60K/h crash, the car is prevented and the equipment works as usual)
Working temperature-35℃-75℃
Storage environment-10℃-65℃,Rainproof, moisture-proof and dustproof


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