Platform screen doors

platform screen doors  safety doors, as public safety protection equipment, are widely used on elevated, ground and underground platforms in subways, light rails, inter-city railways, etc., with energy-saving, environmental protection and safety functions. It is set along the edge of the platform to isolate the train from the platform waiting room, and install a screen door/safety door system, which can not only prevent passengers from falling or jumping off the track and causing danger, but also provide passengers with a safe, comfortable and beautiful waiting environment.



Platform screen doors in Bangladesh


Working environment that meets the temperature, humidity and seismic intensity of the area.

Satisfy train operation requirements and conform to various operation modes; facilitate passengers to get on and off the train; and safely evacuate passengers in the event of malfunctions or disasters.

The door body has sufficient mechanical strength and rigidity to withstand the squeezing and impact of passengers on the door body, and the effect of the train piston wind.

The opening and closing frequency of the sliding door meets the requirements of the minimum train interval, and it has the ability to operate continuously every year.

platform screen doors Good insulation and ground.

The number of trouble-free usage is more than 1 million times, and the service life of the system is not less than 30 years.

Reliability, maintainability, availability and scalability, and follow the principles of modular and redundant design.

The screen doors are set within the effective length of the platform, and are arranged symmetrically to both ends with the center line of the platform as the center.

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