IKE TC200-416 16 Port PABX & Intercom System

৳ 11,500.00

IKE PABX intercom System

  • Brand: IKE
  • Model: TC200-416
  • Origin: China
  • Item: PABX System
  • 16 Line Intercom
  • Line Out: 16
  • Line In: 04
  • Warranty: One Year

Seller Location:Dhaka, Uttara

Hotline: 01785-777722, 0185-3330344

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IKE TC200-416 16 Port PABX & Intercom System in Bangladesh

The IKE TC200-416 16-Port PABX Intercom Exchange System is revolutionizing communication in Bangladesh. This advanced system brings together digital PBX and intercom technology to ensure clean, clear communication beyond the office walls. The system helps businesses in Bangladesh work more efficiently and keeps data secure. The system is also easy to set up and maintain, making it ideal for businesses with limited resources. With the IKE TC200-416 16-Port PABX Intercom Exchange System, businesses in Bangladesh can now communicate with clarity and confidence. The system is designed to be user-friendly and offers a comprehensive range of features that can be tailored to meet individual needs. The system is also compatible with a wide range of digital devices, making it the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes. In this blog post, we will explore the IKE TC200-416 16-Port PABX Intercom Exchange System in Bangladesh and how it is helping to improve communication in the country.

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TC-416 16 Port Product Feature:

Receiving Call FeatureMaking call Feature
* DISA Auto-attendant* Dial 0 or 9 for CO line
* Operator Attendant* Extension outgoing call class
* Call Transfer* Outside ( CO ) Line Duration Time Limit
* 3-party Conference Call* Dial 9 or 0 to operator
* Call Pick up* Allow extension use appointed CO line
* Unconditional Transfer
* External and extension caller ID
System Feature Optional Feature
* Self-extension number confirmation* UK/US/AU/EUR Power Plugs
* Total 15s OGM* 110V or 220V power supply
* Power failure transfer
* Executive busy override

IKE TC200-416 16 Port Full specification:

IKE 16 Port PABX & Intercom System

TC-2000P  Incoming CO Line  Local Station(Extension)Expandable or not
Capacity 2, 3, 48, 12, 16,24, 32No
PowerAC110V or AC220V   50-60Hz
Feed CurrencyDC48V; 25mA
Ringing CurrencyAC65v/50Hz
DISA15 second
Communication path7
Extension number length2 to 4 digits
Caller ID* Receive: Auto adapt DTMF, FSK (Bell.202)
* Send: FSK (Bell.202)
Dial modeDTMF
Degree of Unbalance
about earth
* 300Hz~600Hz≤40dB
* 600Hz~3400Hz≤46dB
Transmission Attributes* Extension to extension ≤1.5dB
* Extension to extension ≤2.0dB

IKE TC200-416 16 Port Price in Bangladesh (BD) for October, 2023

Latest Price: ৳ 11,500.00
Price:৳ 11,500.00
Item:PABX System Intercom
Contact No:+88 0185-3330344
Hotline+88 01785-777722

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