Anviz FacePass ProStandalone Facial Recognition System

Item Description
LCD 2.8 Inch 240*320 TFT LCD Touch Screen
Function Key 10 User-defined Function Key
Camera Dual Cameras
Communication Interface TCP/IP, USB Pen Drive
Capacity Max 500 Users
Template Max 500 Templates
Log Capacity Max 100,000 Logs
Identification Mode Face, ID+Password
FAR ≤0.1%
Identification Time ≤1s (1:400)
Scheduled Bell 5 Group
Web Server Yes
Tamper Alarm Yes
Angle Range Level: ±20°, Vertical: ±20°
Verify Distance 30-80CM
Capacity 500 Users
Recognition Rate ≥99%


• 500 Users, 100000 Records big capacity
• Dual Cameras respectively for induction and verification
• Body Induction auto switch on face verification
• Voice and LED Prompt guarantees best user experience
• Touch Screen for convenient and stable use
• USB pen drive data download, TCP/IP connectivity
• Useful web server function for convenient use and set up
• Tamper alarm offers better self-protection
• Dynamic digital keyboard ensures safe use
• Inbuilt RTC and 5 Group Scheduled Bell guarantee accurate and convenient time management
• High speed Samsung ARM platform CPU ensures the verification speed less than 1Sec
• Advanced infrared light source design enables the terminal to work well in changing illumination even in total darkness
• Applicable to any users no matter with different complexions, genders, facial expressions, beards and hair styles.