Handheld metal detector GL-ANJ-3


  • Streamlined appearance, small and exquisite, easy to carry; simple and convenient to use, no need to adjust;
  • A domestically made metal detector with ultra-high sensitivity, which can be compared with imported GARRETT and CEIA brands in similar products
  • With battery under-voltage indicator; when the battery is low, the yellow indicator on the side is on to remind you to charge or replace the battery in time;
  • Power saving, 250MA battery can work continuously for more than 40 hours with one charge; when the 9V battery drops to about 7V, the detection distance remains unchanged
  • Two alarm modes are available: LED light and sound alarm or vibration alarm;
  • Light weight, large detection probe area, fast detection speed;
  • There are two sensitivity options: high and low;
  • There is an external charging jack: after installing the rechargeable battery, the machine can be fully charged directly;
  • It has super shock resistance, sturdiness and durability, no damage to free fall at a height of one meter;
  • This machine comes standard with: a set of rechargeable batteries and chargers, no need to purchase separately, to solve the user’s worries.

Detection distance:

  • Pin 30-50mm;
  • Type 64 pistol 200mm;
  • Six-inch dagger 250mm
  • The diameter is 20mm and the steel ball is 120mm.


Handheld metal detector GL-ANJ-3 in Bangladesh

technical parameter:

  • Alarm indication:

Flashing green LED: power on

Flashing red LED: the target has been detected

Continuous yellow LED: low voltage indication

Metal indicating LED: detect objects of different sizes, the light from green to red gradation

  • Alarm signal

Sound mode: buzzer and red LED, metal indicator LED

Vibration mode: vibration and red LED, metal indicator LED

  • Power supply: 9V standard battery
  • Power consumption: maximum 270MW
  • Working frequency: 22KHZ
  • Standby current: <5MA
  • Working voltage: DC 7~12V
  • Working temperature: -10℃~65℃
  • Reset time: 0.5 seconds, automatic


  • Electronic detection and inspection of airports, stations and docks;
  • Security inspection by customs, public security, border defense, and security departments;
  • Quality inspection of pharmaceutical and food business systems;
  • Lumber mill testing nails, safety inspections of important places and sports fields;
  • Precious metal detection, such as gold and silver jewelry factories, electronics factories.
Handheld metal detector GL-ANJ-1 in bangladesh.
Handheld metal detector GL-ANJ-1 in bangladesh.



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