Bosch 1000 Series CCSD-CU Central Unit for Conference System

৳ 170,000.00

  • For CCS 1000 D Digital Discussion System
  • Connects to up to 80 Discussion Devices
  • Supplies DC Power
  • Monitors & Controls Discussion System
  • Intuitive Web Browser Control
  • Rear Ports for Peripheral Devices
  • Supports Automatic HD Camera Control
  • Open Microphone Control
  • Various Discussion Control Modes
  • Plug-and-Play Functionality

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Bosch 1000 Series CCSD-CU Central Unit for Conference System in Bangladesh 2024

The CCSD-CU Control Unit from Bosch is the main component of the CCS 1000 Digital Discussion System. It supplies DC power to all connected discussion devices while monitoring and controlling the discussion system. Touch-button control allows for easy configuration and operation of the unit while intuitive LED indicators clearly display current system settings.

Conveniently positioned ports at the rear of the unit enable peripheral equipment, such as audio devices and HD conference domes, to be connected to the discussion system. Basic and advanced system settings can be easily viewed and changed via the unit’s intuitive web browser interface.

Plug-and-Play Functionality

The plug-and-play functionality of the Control Unit allows discussion devices and system cameras to be conveniently connected to and removed from the system as required. A power down or restart of the system is not necessary, which makes for fast installation and reconfiguration.

Web Browser Control

Basic and advanced system settings, including microphone management and recording functions, can be easily viewed and managed/configured by using a web browser in combination with a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Changes made in the web browser interface are automatically updated in the Control Unit and vice versa. Via the web browser, the Control Unit and connected devices can be set to be automatically shut down for energy saving purposes. Separate login rights are available for operators and technicians to prevent unauthorized access to system settings.

Open Microphone Control

The maximum number of microphones that can be activated by pressing the microphone buttons on the discussion devices can be selected with the “Number of Open Microphones” (NOM) button on the Control Unit. A maximum of four microphones can be selected on the Control Unit. This can be further extended to 10 microphones in the web browser.

Discussion Control

One of the following microphone modes can be selected by pressing the Microphone Mode button on the front of the Control Unit:
  • Open mode: participants can speak by pressing their microphone buttons. When the maximum number of open microphones is reached, the next participant that presses his microphone button is added to a waiting list. The first participant in the waiting list is allowed to speak when an activated microphone is disabled.
  • Override mode: participants can override each other by pressing their microphone buttons. When the maximum number of open microphones is reached, the next participant that presses his microphone button will deactivate the microphone that has been activated for the longest time (the chairperson’s microphone is not included in the number of open microphones and, therefore, cannot be overridden by a participant).
  • Voice Activation mode: participants can activate their microphones by speaking into them. A microphone can be temporarily muted by pressing and holding down the microphone button.
  • Push-to-Talk (PTT) mode: participants can speak by pushing and holding in their microphone buttons. The microphone is deactivated when the microphone button is released. The maximum number of participants that can speak is determined by the number of open microphones.


Interface for Peripheral Equipment

The Control Unit enables the following equipment to be connected to the CCS 1000 Digital Discussion System:

  • System cameras: for giving a clear visual overview of the proceedings. A maximum of six Bosch HD Conference Dome cameras can be connected to the system with native support (the camera presets can be configured in the web browser).
  • External wired or wireless microphone: to allow a guest speaker or an audience to participate in a discussion.
  • Sound reinforcement system: for transmitting the proceedings to an audience in the same room or an adjacent room.
  • Audio equipment: for broadcasting music through the loudspeakers of the discussion system.
  • External audio processor: for modifying the floor signal distributed to the participant loudspeakers and headphones (i.e. equalizing).
  • Telephone coupler: to allow a remote participant to join a discussion via a telephone/video connection.
  • External recorder: for recording and playing back discussions.
  • Computer (connected via micro USB connector at rear of Control Unit): for transferring recordings (discussions) from the internal memory of the Control Unit.

Bosch 1000 Series CCSD-CU Central Unit Price in Bangladesh 2024

Price:৳ 170,000.00
Item:Bosch Conference System
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Warranty:One Year



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