Ahuja CMD-5200 Delegate Unit

৳ 14,800.00

The Ahuja CMD-5200 Delegate Unit has all the features you need to make a successful presentation.

  • Long gooseneck condenser microphone
  • Diffused LED housing
  • Clear sound reinforcement
  • Recessed volume control for speaker
  • Mic input level LED

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Ahuja CMD-5200 Delegate Unit in Bangladesh

Each unit is provided with a long gooseneck condenser microphone which is highly sensitive and unidirectional. The microphone is provided with a diffused LED housing to provide positive visual identification of the unit in operation. The built-in speaker in each unit provides clear and crisp sound reinforcement. The output level of the speaker can be adjusted through a recessed volume control in the unit. Each unit has a headphone output, TALK switch and a TALK LED. The MIC LEVEL LED in the delegate unit flickers to indicate microphone input signal level.


Microphone-63dBV/µbar (7.5mV/Pa)
Current Consumption< 50mA Max.
Mic Auto Switch-Off Time75 seconds approx.
OutputLine, Headphone
SpeakerMax Input 300mW
ControlsTalk Switch, Speaker Volume Control, Headphone Volume Control
DimensionsW118 × H70 × D160 mm
Weight1.05 kg (w/o cable)
AccessoriesFoam Windshield, 2.5m Interconnecting Cable
Ahuja CMD-5200 Price in Bangladesh
Ahuja CMD-5200 Price in Bangladesh

Ahuja CMD-5200 price in Bangladesh

Price:৳ 14,800
Item:Delegate Unit for Conference System
Contact No:+88 01789-636363
Hotline:+88 01785-777722
Warranty:One Year

Ahuja CMD-5200 Delegate Unit for Ahuja Conference System

Our Ahuja conference system is the perfect conference room solution for businesses of any size. Because the Ahuja CMD-5200 Delegate Unit can be added to our Ahuja Conference System, it’s easy to upgrade and customize your conference room for any situation. Whether you’re hosting a large meeting or small boardroom, the Ahuja CMD-5200 Delegate Unit will provide all of the extra delegates you need. You can even control multiple rooms from just one interface with our optional master unit. Want more information about how we can help you upgrade your current conference room? Contact us today!

Why You Need the Ahuja CMD-5200 Delegate Unit

The Ahuja CMD-5200 Delegate Unit is the perfect solution for any business looking to improve their conference room. With this unit, you can easily upgrade your current conference room with a delegate seating option, even if you’ve already purchased our Ahuja Conference System.

Businesses have come to expect more from their conference rooms. They want more than just a table and chairs: they want swivel chairs so they can turn around and face one another, high-tech screens that display the next speaker’s PowerPoint slides, and even sound systems that make it easier for everyone to hear what’s being said at the conference table. That’s why we designed our Ahuja CMD-5200 Delegate Unit with all of these features in mind.

The Ahuja CMD-5200 Delegate Unit includes five wireless delegates that are easy to install, giving you plenty of extra seats when needed. It also includes a 4K monitor that displays presentations in crisp detail. The unit has all of the features you would expect in a modern conference room and more!

How to Move Your Conference Room Forward with the Ahuja CMD-5200 Delegate Unit

The Ahuja CMD-5200 Delegate Unit is a powerful addition to our state-of-the-art Ahuja Conference system. This makes it easy for your business to expand and customize your conference room. Maybe you don’t need the extra monitors or delegate units today, but as soon as you do, you’ll be ready!

Ahuja CMD-5200 price in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, Ahuja CMD-5200 is available at the price range of 14,800 Taka. The perfect conference system for your office. Purchase the AHUJA CONFERENCE SYSTEM CMD-5200 at a great price now.


The Ahuja CMD-5200 Delegate Unit is a great way to move your conference room forward. It is the perfect addition to an Ahuja conference system.


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