Ahuja AM-22HSD PA Megaphone with Built-in Siren

৳ 7,500.00

AM-22HSD Key Features:

  • Operates on UM-3 (aa) Pencil Cells & 12V Car Battery.
  • Class-D Amplifier provides extremely high efficiency of power consumption that extends the battery life to around 8 hours.
  • All ABS body, sturdy yet lightweight.
  • Built-in Siren.
  • Clear sound, long-range & efficient design.
  • Microphone with Volume Control & Press-to-Talk Switch.
  • Additional microphone switch is provided in the handgrip.

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Ahuja AM-22HSD PA Megaphone with Built-in Siren in Bangladesh

The Ahuja AM-22HSD PA Megaphone with Built-in Siren is a popular choice for a variety of applications, including coaching and refereeing sporting events, crowd control, directing traffic, and giving directions and announcements. It is a 20 W megaphone with a clear sound, long-range, and efficient design. It also comes with a built-in siren, which can be used to get people’s attention in emergency situations.

Ahuja AM-22HSD PA Megaphone with Siren, a powerful and effective tool that is sure to amplify your voice and make it heard in Bangladesh. Whether you need to address a crowd, command attention, or make important announcements, this megaphone is designed to deliver crystal-clear sound and make a lasting impact. Join us as we dive into the features and benefits of the Ahuja AM-22HSD PA Megaphone and discover how it can revolutionize your speaking engagements.

The Ahuja AM-22HSD PA Megaphone is the perfect tool for amplifying your voice in any outdoor setting. Equipped with a high-powered speaker, this megaphone can project your voice up to 1 kilometer away. Whether you’re leading a rally, organizing a sports event, or participating in an outdoor activity, the AM-22HSD ensures that your voice reaches a large audience without any distortion or loss of sound quality. Even in noisy environments, this megaphone’s powerful sound projection capabilities will make sure that your message is heard loud and clear.

Ahuja AM-22HSD specification:

TypePA Megaphone
Power Output16W Rated/20W Max.
Voice RangeApprox. 400m (Siren 500m)
Power Source12V DC, 10×AA Pencil Cells / Car Battery
MicrophoneUnidirectional, 600 ohms
InputsDedicated Microphone
DimensionsHorn Ø220mm, L370 mm
Weight1.85kg (without cells)

Ahuja AM-22HSD Price in Bangladesh 2024

Price:৳ 7,500.00
Contact No:+88 0185-3330344
Hotline:+88 0185-3330338

What is the price of the Ahuja AM-22HSD PA MegaphonePrice in Bangladesh?

The latest price of the Ahuja AM-22HSD PA Megaphone with Built-in Siren in Bangladesh is ৳ 7,500.00. You can buy the Ahuja AM-22HSD PA Megaphone with Built-in Siren at the best price from our website or visit any of our offices.


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