Advertising gateway

Introduction: New media for vehicle entrance and exit.Our LEAPTOR Parking Advertising Boom Barrier is a total new idea to meet new market demands. It is safer, more valuable, and more beautiful. Nowadays, advertising stays everywhere. Advertising value is becoming higher and higher. Traditional advertising way is facing serious competition, so new advertising media is becoming more valuable. Parking advertising barrier is fashion media which can provides higher profits for you.


  • Power Supply: 220V+10%/50HZ    110V+10%/60HZ
  • Motor Power: 140W
  • Temperature: -30 degree to 80 degrees
  • Related Humidity: <=95%
  • Barrier Body Dimension: 450*360*1180mm
  • Boom Length: 3.7m (5s) or 4.2m (8s)
  • Advertising Boom Board Dimension: 92*830mm
  • Barrier Body Advertisement Plate Dimension: 450*880mm
  • LED Light: 15A, 200w
  • Total Height for Boom Lift: Decided by boom length
  • Boom Lifting Time: 5s and 8s
  • Top Tube Middle line Height: 1050mm
  • Remote Control Distance: <=30m
  • Input Interface: +12V Level Signal or more than 100ms impulse

      Driving current less than 10mA

  • Communication Interface: RS485


Advertising gateway in Bangladesh


  • Advertising barrier’s house is durable and water-proof, so it can be used outdoor.
  • Appearance is simple and generous with advertising lamp house
  • And advertising board. Advertising board can be dismantled, and easy to change advertising photo, All operation is simple.
  • Both barrier housing and arm plate are equipped with LED lights, the LED lights can be controller via timer(it can be set like this: close in day time and open at night).
  • Speed is adjustable
  • Integrated with air pressure sensor and loop sensor which make the system more safe(can minus hurt on car or human),and auto close gate and perfect preventing smashing car.
  • Opening first function, it can highly increase access rate.
  • Intelligent limited sensor. Limited sensor can check open & close position automatically. No need adjust it by hand
Advertising gateway in Bangladesh
Advertising gateway in Bangladesh


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