Advertising door

Product introduction: Pedestrian passageway door is a new product integrating traditional iron door and advertising light box. Advertising door is suitable for residential area, scenic area, commercial area, station, community and other occasions; Automatic built-in transmission motor and gear set deceleration, can be positive and negative 180 degrees rotation, left and right door is not limited; The position of magnetic lock can be changed according to the opening direction on site; Automatic control system, fast walk and slow stop, unlimited light adjustment and other functions, to ensure the smooth operation of the door.

Functional features:

  • Intelligent channel advertising door belongs to automatic side door, electromagnetic lock control device, with the characteristics of fast moving and slow stopping.
  • The door body adopts outdoor environmental protection anti rust powder, anti rust, anti impact, stable and atmospheric appearance, improving the community level.
  • The motor drive ratio of advertising door is fine, energy consumption is low, performance is superior, standby power is less than 6W, maximum working power is 45W.
  • The use of double-sided toughened glass light box advertising, disassembly and replacement is simple and fast, time control switch control, more energy saving.
  • The design of access control system module has good stability and strong function, and supports a variety of door opening options: password, IC card, remote control, etc.
  • The intelligent channel advertising door has the advantages of stable performance, low noise, long service life, super quiet and working noise less than 55dB
  • Intelligent channel advertising door advertising two-way screen each nearly 1 square meter, LED light source uniform light, strong visual impact, eye-catching.


Advertising door in Bangladesh.

Technical parameters:

Mode of use: swipe card / password / button

Working voltage: DC 12V working temperature: – 25 ℃ ~ 65 ℃

Communication interface: all in one access control machine card reading distance: 20mm < l < 60mm

Screen size: 800 * 1180mm size: 1653 * 1485 * 120mm

Anticorrosion treatment: baking paint can connect with all kinds of access control reading heads on the market, and realize all-in-one card in the community;

The door opening delay time (1 ~ 10s) can be adjusted at will

The door leaf is locked by electromagnetic lock, and it can bear the pulling force of 200kg after locking

Advertising door in Bangladesh.
Advertising door in Bangladesh.


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