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Excelltel Intercom & PABX in Bangladesh

Excelltel Technology Co. Ltd, established in 1999, located in Foshan, Guangdong, China, we are a professional PABX designer and manufacturer. As one of the pioneer on this sector, we are engaged in design and development of PBX for almost 20 years, we dedicate ourselves to bring customer the most cost effective and innovative telephone exchange system.

Excelltel Intercom & PABX in Bangladesh
Excelltel Intercom & PABX in Bangladesh

Excelltel Bangladesh

To meet the changing and diversifying market demand and technology progress, we provide deeply customized products and solution to meet this change.We are also on the process of providing new product and improving the quality of our product and service to keep up with the trend of market and customer’s requirement.

Excelltel Intercom & PABX in Bangladesh
Excelltel Bangladesh

Excelltel CS+632-432 32 Lines Intercom PABX

Operator / auto-attendant mode, full-duplex transmission mode, 7 multiple communication paths, 4-co lines, 32 extension lines, co to co transfer, caller ID, external music on holding, CE / ISO / RoHS specification, origin China, 47 x 31 x 14cm Package size per unit, 5Kg gross weight per unit.

Excelltel Intercom & PABX in Bangladesh
Excelltel Intercom in Bangladesh

Excelltel CP1696 56 Line Intercom PABX System

The advanced hybrid PABX system has 56 extensions with 4 CO port basic capacity and 96 extension maximum capacity, the 60s three segment, memory dialing, OGM caller ID call transfer / call forwarding, backup battery / door phone / door opener external music paging function. It also has an extension dynamic lock, operator / auto-attendant work mode, CD for PC / billing software system power cable and audio cable.

Excelltel CS+424 24-Line Intercom PABX System

Compatible with KTS and SLT, plug and play, caller ID transferred, auto fax detect, automatically IP code access, extension password, line access mode selection, line duration time limit, day / night service, 7 multiple channel communication, monitor voice record, outside caller call extension by one touch, auto / manual dial-out mode, PC call management and bill software support, speed dialing, external music on hold socket.

Excelltel Intercom & PABX in Bangladesh
Excelltel Intercom & PABX in Bangladesh | Estallbd

Latest Excelltel Intercom Price in Bangladesh

Excelltel PABX Intercom Latest Price List
No.DescriptionLatest Price
1Excelltel MS108 8-Line Intercom & PABX System7,500.00
2Excelltel CS+208 8-Line Intercom & PABX System8,500.00
3Excelltel CS+416 16-Line Intercom & PABX System10,500.00
4Excelltel MS108-GSM 8-Line Intercom & PABX System11,500.00
5Excelltel CS+424 24-Line Intercom & PABX System14,500.00
6Excelltel CS+432 32-Line Intercom & PABX System16,500.00
7Excelltel CP1696 40-Line Intercom & PABX System32,500.00
8Excelltel CP1696 48-Line Intercom & PABX System35,500.00
9Excelltel CP1696 56-Line Intercom & PABX System42,000.00
10Excelltel CP1696 96-Line Intercom & PABX System62,000.00