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Jovision Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jovision), founded in 2000, is a world’s leading supplier of video surveillance products and solutions. As a national key high-tech enterprise, Jovision is professional in developing and manufacturing the most advanced video surveillance products. Following are the main research directions of our company, smart IP cameras, Wi-Fi cameras, NVRs, DVRs, HD Analog cameras, video management softwares, alarm systems, encoders, decoders, and CCTV modules, etc. Jovision experienced engineers also can provide customized security solutions. Jovision occupies a large market, which includes retail, bank, transportation, education, commercial, government, and residential applications.

As a significant role in video surveillance market, Jovision focuses on product innovation and product quality control. We pay 10% of annual revenue for product innovation. Yearly, more than 2 000 000 pcs Jovision CCTV products (with CE, FCC Certificates) are purchased by users all over the world, which fully improves the product competitiveness!

Jovision has established sales, marketing and service networks globally, our partners and cooperators cover more than 160 countries and regions. Our company has offices in mainland China, Asia, the Americas, Europe, Africa and others.

We look forward to your joining.

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Jovision CCTV Camera in Bangladesh
Jovision CCTV Camera in Bangladesh

Best CC Camera in Bangladesh

Closed Circuit Camera is a secretly captured video that acts as a security guard for our valuable assets. CC Camera is gaining popularity in security systems. All government agencies and non-governmental organizations are now dependent on CC Camera for security and surveillance.

Law enforcement personnel and security managers heavily rely on the CC Camera and surveillance systems to combat crime and prevent terrorist attacks in many countries. Bangladesh, a developing nation, is also making technological advancements. The technological progress in Bangladesh can also be seen in the widespread use of CC cameras in both government agencies and privately owned businesses.

CC Camera Affordable Selection methods:

CC Camera is a reliable security system that will guard your home and business. Modern society is more concerned with privacy and protection. CC TV cameras are a great option. Our offer will satisfy your needs, depending on your budget.

Let’s take a look at the following list of IP Cameras available for purchase:

  • IP Camera
  • Dome Camera
  • IP Bullet Camera
  • Wi-Fi IP Camera
  • IP PTZ Camera
  • IP Cameras with PoE
  • Fisheye Panoramic IP camera
Jovision JVS-XD2832-HE20K Price in Bangladesh

IP CC Camera

IP Camera is essentially an Internet Protocol Camera that transmits data via the internet. IP Camera requires a Local Area Network to run its operating system. IP Camera can only be accessed via an internet connection. You will find all the top-quality IP Cameras within your budget and requirements.

Dome CC Camera

Dome Cameras can be used for multiple purposes. Dome Cameras can be used to detect criminals. Because of its unusual shape and angle, criminals may not be able to understand where the camera is located. Dome Camera is very effective in deterring criminals. It can be used both internally and externally.

IP Bullet CC Camera

Bullet Cameras can be used outdoors because of their longer, more cylindrical design. Bullet Camera’s unique feature is its ability to capture images and videos from far away. Bullet cameras are protected from dust and any other undesirable substance by being kept in protective cases. Bullet Cameras are gaining popularity for their high resolution and night vision capabilities.

WIFI IP Camera:

Wi-Fi IP Camera is a CC camera that can be operated wirelessly. Wi-Fi cameras are becoming more popular every day. We offer the finest Wi-Fi CC Cameras for Bangladesh.

PTZ CC Cameras:

The PTZ CC Camera, a sophisticated CC Camera, has some amazing features such as panning and tilting. These features allow the camera to move left and right (panning), up and down (tilting), and let it zoom up to the expected distance.

Below are the PTZ and CC camera facilities:

  • Night vision 200m infra-red
  • X36 optical zoom
  • High-quality image resolution

We also offer the best Jovision, Hikvision and Dahua CC Cameras based on your budget and price. We sell Jovision, Hikvision and Dahua CC Cameras in all of Bangladesh.

Professional-Grade CC Camera:

eStallBD CCTV Security A wide range of HD CCTV cameras are available that offer unbeatable quality and performance at an affordable price. Our business security cameras offer exceptional clarity at night and day. We have the best commercial security cameras and systems for your property or business security monitoring needs.

We are a well-respected Importer of premium products CC cameras We are proud to offer complete systems and services in Bangladesh.CCTV surveillance Systems that are installed with top-quality components will ensure superior performance, reliability, and durability in all conditions. Our CCTV cameras You will receive the best technical support in Bangladesh to make sure that your installation is easy and you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

Get in touch with us now for CC Camera

We have the commercial security cameras and systems that you need, whether you are looking for a single CCTV camera to install in your retail storefront or a multi-channel CCTV system to protect your business or franchises. We have the right support team to help you choose the right option and answer all your questions. Contact us at +8801785-777722 or 01789636363, or order online.eStallBD Sales Best CC Cameras with modern CC Camera Technology, and the latest models in Bangladesh.

Jovision JVS-B700-T
Jovision JVS-B700-T

Jovision HD Dome Camera in Bangladesh:

The HD Dome CCTV Cameras may be recognizable because of their round, dome encasing. The world is becoming an increasingly connected place thanks to the Internet, and a recent report from research firm Gartner predicts that by next year, the number of people using the Internet will have reached nearly 3 billion. As connectivity spreads, one of the most important facets of our lives is privacy.  With the rise of digital surveillance, many of us have turned to home security cameras as a solution to our privacy concerns. HD Dome surveillance cameras have been versatile and may be utilized in both indoor and outdoor settings, providing unparalleled coverage for any use instance. Most dome security cameras possess a vandal-proof dome encasing, IR for night vision, and a solid metal base to protect it from vandalism or tampering, making it an ideal solution for reliable surveillance in rocky conditions.

Jovision HD Dome camera is a type of security surveillance system that uses two or more video cameras and a monitor to provide real time video footage to a single location. These cameras are connected to a single computer which is used to process and monitor all the video feeds. The video feeds are then viewed from a single monitor remotely via a web browser or on a dedicated recording device such as a portable hard drive. The video feeds are also available on a public live web site for public access. The video feeds may also be recorded on a hard drive for later playback and storage. The cameras can also be connected to mobile devices for remote viewing and recording.

Jovision HD Dome Cameras are commonly used in:

  • Banks
  • Schools
  • Building Exteriors
  • Casinos
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • University
  • Manufacturing Sites
  • Gas Stations
  • Garments
  • Hospitals
  • Libraries

Main Benefits of Jovision HD Dome CCTV Cameras:

The main benefits of HD Dome CCTV Cameras are that they are weatherproof, vandal-proof, and can be used around the clock. The business is an e-commerce website. The keywords for the business are “e-commerce, CCTV, security, cameras. ESTALLBD.COM offers innovative HD Dome CCTV Cameras. The business is an e-commerce website.

This unique lens is accurately utilized to make sure that the picture is taken in the very best resolution and quality. The Varifocal Lens is also used in conjunction with a Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) setting, which boosts the camera’s capacity to capture a clear image in varying lighting conditions.

Dome cameras can be mounted in a number of areas, such as the exterior of a building, within the ceiling, or even behind an LCD screen. Because of the style of the camera, it’s hard for intruders to determine where the lens is pointed. The camera’s image can be viewed on a high-definition TV or on a computer. This unit is an outdoor, vandal-resistant, weatherproof, IR-illuminated, network-ready dome camera that includes a 1.3MP progressive scan CMOS video sensor for high resolution. It offers a 360-degree pan and 100-degree tilt without blind spots. It has a 1/3 in. Sony Super HAD II CCD image sensor.

Vandal Resistant Cameras that are placed in areas where there is a high risk of vandalism or tampering should be vandal-proof dome cameras. Dome cameras come with vandal-resistant ratings, such as IK08 or IK10, which indicate the level of security. These surveillance cameras can be hard to access once they have been installed. They are fully enclosed and require special tools to purge.

Weatherproof and Dust: Most outside dome cameras are weatherproof and waterproof, so that monitoring can continue regardless of weather conditions. These outdoor dome cameras often have IP65, IP66 and IP67 ratings. Many outdoor domes are available from security vendors that include integrated temperature heaters or springs, so detectors can work at extreme temperatures.

Sleek Design Dome cameras are a great solution for businesses looking to quickly scale policies.

High Resolution: Depending on the model and make of the dome camera the resolution may vary. However, most dome cameras have a high resolution. Modern video security options offer dome cameras with a 3MP detector (2048 x1536 pixels) which can record approximately 50% more detail than 1080p. There are also varying options that range from 2-6 Megapixels.

Discrete positioning: Due to the HD Dome Camera covering, it might be trying to direct the eye towards the lens from a distance. Intruders will find it hard to see the areas being monitored, even if they are not in close proximity to it. This makes it a powerful deterrent against crime and vandalism.

Monitor at wide angles with Varifocal Lens: Dome cameras that use Varifocal lenses provide a variable focal length. This allows groups to adjust the camera lens to the space they need. Because the lens has the ability to move, the ribbon-encasing form allows tracking at a wider angle.

Night Vision: Many HD Dome camera are equipped with innovative CMOS detectors and infrared (IR), illuminators. This combination provides exceptional low-light performance, with a range of around 30 yards or more for indoor and outdoor use.

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Budget and price management for CC Cameras:

Recent research shows that Bangladesh has had great success in controlling all kinds of crime. The Jovision CC camera is an indispensable tool in modern security. It has a great contribution to controlling crime. There are many types of CC cameras available, depending on your needs and budget. Prices for CC cameras in BD vary depending on their configuration and resolution. Every brand offers unique features that are within your budget. It all depends on what you are willing to spend and how much you want. ESTALLBD.COM Access Control and Security System is a worldwide-recognized security service provider that offers the Jovision Camera, IP camera and Dome cameras. All cameras sold by ESTALLBD Security System offers the most modern features at affordable prices. Prices for these cameras start at 900.00 BDT. You can also get the Best Price Match Policy in Bangladesh at 25,000.00 BDT We offer this Price Match Policy to all Corporate Clients and Resellers. The importance of CCTV cameras today is crucial for ensuring a safer, better society. CC TV cameras are crucial for the safety and fairness of financial sectors such as banking and finance.

Types of Jovision HD Dome CCTV Cameras:

PTZ HD Camera: Pan tilt-zoom (PTZ), HD Dome cameras allow you to track large areas because they can adjust the lens’s direction. Buyers are looking for PTZ dome cameras that can be controlled in a specific direction. PTZ dome cameras work well in places such as parking lots or guard stations where safety personnel might need to be able to move the camera in response to an incident. Outdoor HD Dome CCTV Cameras are critical in preventing vandalism and theft, and they also shoot footage of suspicious activities. It’s especially important for indoor security.

Outdoor HD Dome Camera: Outdoor HD Dome CCTV Cameras are critical in deterring vandalism, and preventing theft, and shooting footage of suspicious behaviors. Outdoor dome cameras that include infrared illumination are especially useful for capturing footage in low light conditions. This allows faculty or witnesses to respond to situations in real time. Exterior dome cameras must be waterproof, so they can monitor in sunlight, rain, and snow.

PoE HD Dome camera: Power over-Ethernet dome cameras have one advantage: they are easy to install. PoE ribbon cameras only require one Ethernet cable to connect to the system and power it. It’s simple to set up PoE dome cameras because most businesses and companies have Ethernet ports throughout their buildings.

4K HD Dome camera: 4K dome cameras are used in interiors, where they can capture high resolution images and detail. For those who want discreet tracking that blends into the surrounding environment, such as luxury retail stores or systems for purpose of sales, 4K dome cameras work well. 4K HD Dome cameras offer 8 megapixels in comparison to dome cameras that provide 3MP. This makes picture clarity much better.

Dome CCTV Camera: Dome CCTV cameras are safety cameras that use on-premise recorders such as NVRs and DVRs. Based on the type of recording device, dome CCTV cameras transmit movie footage to the recorder using coaxial or Ethernet cables. Dome CCTV cameras are considered safe, but they can be vulnerable to dangers that come with easily accessible recording gear, port routing and launching firewalls in the event of remote access.

What to Look For When Buying A Jovision Bullet/Dome Camera:

  • Camera Quantity
  • Visibility is what you need
  • What are your options for dealing with environmental hazards?
  • Installation requirement system

We offer the following brands of HD Dome CCTV cameras:

Our team of IT professionals can assist you with all aspects of installation and support for security cameras from major manufacturers and vendors. If you are given the task of installing HD Dome CCTV Cameras, there will be no compromise on the type of hardware you choose. We have the expertise to install equipment from some of the most notable vendors.

Jovision Camera Price in Bangladesh?

ESTALLBD has the best Jovision Camera price in Bangladesh. All available technologies are covered by our Cameras. Our experts can help you choose the best CCTV Camera Option. Contact our Security Solution Experts to help you find the right solution for your business. They will be able guide and assist you. If you have any questions or need to discuss your specific situation, please feel free to contact one of our specialists. Jovision Camera price starts from 950 Taka only.

ESTALLBD offers Jovision Camera at an affordable price. It all depends on the quality and features. We guarantee professional installation and after-sales service at a very affordable price.

How do you get the latest and most high-quality IP camera?

eStallBD The most popular and trusted company that supplies and solves Jovision IP camera, Hikvision Dome Cameras, Dahua Dome Cameras, CP Plus CCTV Cameras, Avtech CCTV Cameras, Latest Dome Cameras, Bullet Cameras, PTZ Dome Cameras, etc.

What is our after-sales service system?

After sales service, we offer a 100% guarantee for our products. We offer a one-year service warranty and lifetime service for a small fee.

Jovision HD Bullet IP Camera in Bangladesh:

Jovision HD Bullet security IP cameras are known for their long exterior casing. This gives them a distinct and distinguished appearance. Bullet surveillance cameras can often have a larger lens than the standard, making them an exterior camera that is capable of providing greater detail at longer distances. This allows for better night vision in larger outdoor spaces like parking lots or intersections. Miniature wing cameras are also available, which provide wider viewing angles and allow for more footage in a smaller space.

Jovision Bullet cameras are commonly used in:

  • Parking Lots
  • Airports
  • Traffic Intersections
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Manufacturing Sites
  • Gas Stations
  • Hospitals
  • Libraries

Jovision Bullet CCTV Cameras Have Many Benefits

Bullet safety cameras are easier to install than other types of surveillance cameras. They have a mounting handle attached directly to the camera’s body. Bullet cameras can be attached to walls or ceilings without the need to remove any bathroom. Flexible positioning makes it easy for installers to quickly and easily move the bullet camera to the right position.

Weatherproof: Most bullet cameras are weatherproof and water-resistant. This allows for continuous monitoring, regardless of weather conditions. These outdoor bullet cameras often have IP65, IP66 and IP67 ratings. Many outdoor bullet cameras are available from security vendors that include integrated temperature heaters or springs, so they can be used in extreme conditions.

Bullet cameras can usually hold larger lenses because of their longer form factor. Bullet cameras with a telephoto lens can cover large areas and environments over longer distances. Miniature bullet cameras have a wider-angle lens that can provide a wider viewing angle in smaller areas like traffic intersections.

Bullet cameras HD can be used to recognize license plates (LPR) LPR requires specific software to pick up license plates. Bullet cameras, with their larger lens shape, built-in IR illuminators and protective covers against intrusive lighting, improve the ability to find license plates.

High Resolution: This depends on the make/version of the bullet camera. However, most bullet cameras are available with a high resolution resolution. Modern video security systems often offer bullet cameras with a 2MP (1940×1080 pixels). There are many options available that can record up to 50% more detail than 1080p.

Noticeable Presence: Bullet safety cameras can be easily identified because of the larger cells that protrude. Although bullet cameras may be easily distinguished, their additional presence makes them extremely effective in deterring criminal behavior such as vandalism or theft.

Night Vision – Built-in IR Illuminators: Many bullet cameras have infrared (IR), illuminators that allow them to fire until the early hours of the morning. These cameras can offer many hours of night vision, thanks to their larger selection.

There are many types of bullet CCTV cameras:

Mini Bullet Camera: A miniature bullet camera is essentially a small bullet camera. They provide video surveillance in a smaller space and have wider viewing angles. Mini bullet cameras can be installed in a similar manner, with mounting brackets and elastic spots to create the ideal viewing angle. Mini bullet cameras make a great match for entrances and can also be used as an external bullet camera to cover smaller areas beyond buildings.

Pan-Titzoom (PTZ Bullet Camera): PTZ bullet cameras can also be used to track large areas. Remote zooming and lens management make it possible. Many PTZ bullet cameras have elastic viewing angles. This allows the camera to be placed in almost any direction thanks to the bullet camera mounting bracket. PTZ bullet cameras can cover large areas such as parking lots and building exteriors.

Outdoor Bullet Cameras: Because of their location, outdoor bullet cameras are extremely effective in deterring theft and vandalism. Because of their vulnerability to theft and vandalism, exterior bullet cameras can be more difficult to obtain. Outside bullet cameras can also be used to view footage at night using IR bullet camera and support night vision for a longer distance.

IP Bullet Cameras: IP bullet cameras allow video surveillance via an Ethernet connection or a Wi-Fi link to a wireless bullet cam. The machine may allow IP bullet cameras to connect to an existing DVR system, or to the internet for storage and access. These systems can be configured in many ways.

These can lead to greater vulnerability with port forwards, on-site access, outdated applications, and insecure ecosystems.

Analog Bullet Cameras: An analog camera is also known as a bullet CCTV camera (closed circuit television). Safety cameras that rely on DVRs or on-prime recorders like DVRs are used to create them. Cameras that use coaxial cables to transfer movie footage into the recorder are called CCTV bullet cameras. All cameras must be linked. Although analog CCTV bullet cameras are considered to be a safer alternative, they can still be vulnerable to threats. They must have access to all the cameras, port forwarding and remote access to footage.

What to Consider When Buying Jovision HD Bullet Camera:

  • Camera Quantity
  • Visibility do you need
  • Care with environmental hazards do you face
  • Installation requirement system


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