Ahuja SSA10000 Price

Ahuja SSA10000 1000Watts Power Amplifier

Ahuja SSA10000 Price:

Bangladesh Price:৳ 62,000
Status:In Stock
Warranty:One Year
Contact No:+88 01407-555777


SSA-10000 in bd:

Ahuja SSA-10000 is a multi application high Power PA Amplifier. 1000 Watts

Ahuja SSA10000 Price
SSA-10000 in bd, Bangladesh Price: ৳ 62,000, Brand: Ahuja, Model: SSA10000, Status: In Stock, Warranty: One Year, Origin: India, SSA-10000

is capable of delivering 1000 Watts, ideal for driving high power sub-woofers as well as large PA Installations. Also involving large number of speakers. This amplifier is designed to give high power, clean sound and reliable, trouble free operation, under extreme climatic & weather conditions. Features include 8 microphone and 4 aux inputs (one of which is through RCA jacks and specially meant for CD/DVD Players). In addition resettable circuit protector.

Ahuja Price in Bangladesh

Ahuja Amplifier Price:

ModelBangladesh Price:
SSB30 30Watts Amp                 9,000.00
SSB45M 45Watts               11,000.00
SSB60M – 60Watts               12,000.00
SSB80M – 80Watts               13,000.00
SSB120 – 120Watts               15,500.00
SSA160EM  – 160Watts               19,500.00
SSA160DP – 160Watts With Media Player               21,000.00


Amplifier is mainly use in Hall Room, MAsjid, Madrasha, Auditorium, School, College, University , Garments, Factory, Railway stration, Airport, etc. Now a days amplifier highly use in those areas.


It has current gain but maintain voltage gain unchanged. It has the lowest output impedance compare to other type amplifier.