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Non Woven Shopping Bag Supplier in BD:

Searching for Non woven Bag in Bangladesh? We are providing a Non-woven bag at a reasonable price. For your business, you can order our bags now. We are manufacturing high-quality non woven bag in BD. Your customers will be thankful to you for these export quality shopping bags. There numerous advantages of using those bags. Allow me to mention some of those. Wondering about the materials used in a non-woven bag? Actually, the main material used in making a non-woven bag is non-woven fabrics. Still, confused about the material? Permit me to clarify. Acrylic, Polypropylene, Nylon and Polyester are the example of non-woven fabrics. That’s why non woven bags are versatile for its various ingredients. Non–woven bags in Bangladesh are manufactured in 3 ways as thermally, chemically and mechanically. At the very first, manufacturers transform the raw materials into a sheet or web. After this, they put them together for binding. Manufacturers can execute this process in three ways. I’ve already told you about the categories in the starting above.

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Fire Alarm, Fire Extinguisher, AFO Fire Ball, Smoke Detector Supplier in Bangladesh :

EstallBD provides easy-to-use and highly functional fire-fighting items so that everyone can keep his/her house safe and secured from the dangers of fire. AFO auto fireball has light weight design, 24.2 Sqft disperse covering area, Ø14.5 cm ball shape, 900 gm weight and 5 years retention period. These products are manufactured under the brand name Safemet. Both CO2 filled fire extinguishers and dry powder fire extinguishers can be found among estalls’s collection. The weight of the extinguishers varies from 2kg to 6kg. All Context Plus fire-extinguishers are properly tested and ensured that they are stable and safe to use. We also provides fire extinguisher balls for fast extinguishing attempts.

Fire Alarm, Fire Extinguisher, AFO Fire Ball, Smoke Detector Supplier in Bangladesh
Fire Alarm, Fire Extinguisher, AFO Fire Ball, Smoke Detector Supplier in Bangladesh

An addressable fire alarm system is one in which all fire and smoke detection devices in a system are connected and communicate both with each other and a central control monitoring location. This interconnectivity allows the control personnel to identify the location or “address” where the initial detection occurred.


Smoke Detector is an electronic device that detects smoke and sends signal to Fire Alarm Control Panel. In terms of design, smoke detectors are 3 types. Ionization, Photoelectric and Carbon Monoxide Smoke Detector. Commercially there are also types- Conventional and Addressable. TRIMATRIK is one the top Smoke Detector supplier in Bangladesh.


All the detectors are connected parallel to each other and do not have any device numbering or programming. It detects smoke but the fire alarm system can not tell us exactly which detector has detected the fire.

Smoke Detector Supplier in Bangladesh, Context plus in bd


Latest technology in smoke detection. All devices are connected on a loop. The loop starts from the fire alarm control panel, connects all the devices and goes back to the panel to close the circuit. All the devices have own device number. The system can tell the customer exactly which detector has detected the fire. So it’s easier to locate the fire location and easy to maintenance.


Wireless types detectors can be networked with a limited number of devices and panels.


Stand alone detector is built in with a Li-ion battery and hence it does not require any electric line. It is neither networked with any other detectors nor connected to any fire alarm control panel. It has a built in sounder that alerts if smoke is detected.

We supply best quality Smoke Detector in Bangladesh. Most of our products are UL Listed, LPCB Approved.


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